InstaNatural Emu Oil

I have been trying  InstaNatural Emu Oil for a little while now.  There are so many uses for this product but the main thing I have been using it for is my hands/nails, hair, feet and elbows.

I have noticed that my feet are getting softer and my hands and elbows also. My hair is a lot smoother and has a nice shine to it.  Just keep in mind that a little of this goes a long ways.

Important Information

InstaNatural Emu Oil can be used on all skin types. It is recommended for aging, dry, itchy, red, inflamed, sunburned skin. Our product has benefits from head to toe. It provides ultimate hair-care and reduces marks. It can also be used to soothe and calm minor inflammation on skin. For best results, use two times a day. Can be used more often, if needed.

100% Pure Emu Oil

FOR FACE: Pour 1-2 drops of InstaNatural Emu oil on your palm, rub the palms together to spread the oil and apply on the face. Emu oil is quick absorbing oil as it easily penetrates the skin. If you feel oily after application, you might have taken greater quantity than needed. Reduce the quantity the next time. FOR HAIR/SCALP: Pour 1-2 drops of oil on your palm, rub the palms together and apply the oil on scalp and hair moving from root to the tip. Greater quantity may be needed for long hair. For deep nourishment, apply a few more drops, leave overnight and wash off the next morning. FOR MARKS: Pour 1-2 drops on fingertips and gently massage on the affected area such as acne scars, dark spots, sunburn, stretch marks, burns, injuries etc.

Product Description

Finally...The Ultimate Solution For Your Beautiful Face, Skin & Hair

Give your skin and hair everything that it has been craving for!
• MOISTURIZING BENEFITS: No more dryness. Get a soft, smooth skin naturally.
• YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE: Improve skin issues that develop with age.
• EVEN SKIN TONE: Reduce marks to achieve an even, radiant, clear skin.
• IMPROVED SKIN TEXTURE: Get a plump skin full of health.
• HAIR HEALTH AND GROWTH: Achieve complete hair care. Get soft, shiny hair, reduce split ends, and boost hair growth.

Experience the CALMING and SOOTHING effects of InstaNatural Emu Oil!
• Soothes minor inflammation.
• Reduces dryness related to various skin conditions.
• Calms itching on skin.

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