A Pacifier Clip that Is So Much More

We all love babies but when they lose their nukkies (or you may call it a pacifier) or they are teething we tend to feel a bit helpless.  It seems like no matter what we do we can't seem to comfort them.  Well, now there is solution to this problem.  It will at least help alleviate some of the frustration.  A company called Rubbery has that solution.  They have a Teething Pacifier Clip to help you out.

These are awesome teething pacifier clips.  They look great and they feel great!  The material is a soft, sturdy and flexible rubber.

These pacifier clips are easy to attach to your child's shirt. With this one all you do is hold it between you finger and flip back the star. Once you do that you are ready to place it on the shirt and flip the star back down.  There is a nice satin piece to attach the nukkie.

Now I had said how flexible this teething pacifier clip is. The flexibility makes it nice for your baby to chew on when they are teething. This helps to soothe them.

Whether you are looking for a great pacifier for your own little one or one for a friend or family member that is having (or just had) a baby this would make a item to get!  Since they come in a two pack you can always keep one and give one to someone!! These are also easy to clean, you can wash by hand or in the dishwasher.  Myself personally would just wash them really good by hand.

About Product

100% Silicone Material: Non Toxic: Rust Free: Bpa Phthalates And Lead Free
SALE 2 individually packed Pacifier Clips,High Quality Ribbon: Non Toxic: Rust Free
Bonus teether neclace - color may be different from the photo-Strong And Safe Clip: Cpsia Approved: Won't Tear
Soft On Babies' Sensitive Teeth: Bpa Phthalates And Lead Free
Easily Wipes Clean: Dish-Washing Safe
Easily Connects To Babies Pacifier (pacifier not included)

Product description

The Perfect Star Teething Pacifier Clip safely attaches to babies clothes preventing pacifier from getting lost! Soothe your baby's teething sores the wearable way! Rubbery exquisite pacifier clips are formed with soft silicone beads creating a comfy sensation for baby’s gentle gums. An innovative trend that will calm your baby and put teething relief within easy grasp.
Strong ribbon: The Rubbery pacifier teething clip has a strong ribbon, which makes it safe for
your baby to play with. Babies tend to pull the beads, but with this new high quality ribbon you will
be calm since there is no way your little one will be able to tear it!

Practical and easy to clean: Simply wash with soap and warm water. For your convenience,
this pacifier clip is dishwasher safe and machine washable (place in mesh bag).

Best baby gift choice: With our variety of exciting colors and adorable designs, you will find
the perfect clip to match any baby’s wardrobe! Just like a jewelry piece, this clip will surely
enhance the new addition!

Pain relief: Soothe your babies teething sores the fashionable way! Rubbery exquisite pacifier
clips are formed with soft silicone beads creating a comfy sensation for baby’s gentle gums.
Babies love to bite on these specific beads!

Secure clip: This perfect pacifier holder has a high quality clip which keeps it in place but won’t
tear baby’s clothes. It is proven rust free, and won’t leave any stains. With our clip you will
never look for your baby’s paci again!

When choosing a Rubbery Pacifier Teething Clip you can be confident that you are definitely making
the best purchase!

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