Natural Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag

Being in a house with 3 other males can be challenging.  But being in a house where 2 of those males work either construction or on a fishing boat can be even more of a challenge.

When they come home and have been sweeting all day their shoes don't smell all that good.  Until now I haven't been able to fix the smell in the closets other than leaving their shoes on the porch.  Thanks to the Natural Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer Bag my closets don't smell like they used to! 

 I hung it off of a clothes hanger in the middle so it would get all of our closet.  It has worked great!!  Now the bots don't have to be left outside all the time.

Not only does it work in the closet but you can use it in your drawers, in the car or anywhere that you need to freshen it up some.

Product Description

Wouldn't it be nice if you can get rid of odors that make you feel uncomfortable effectively? Commonly found in the fridge, kitchen, closet, room, car, shoes and pet area. What if there is a natural way to remove odors and reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals?
Introducing GreatValueSG natural bamboo charcoal air purifying deodorizer bag with 100% organic bamboo charcoal crystals which removes odors and moisture by absorbing them. It also removes bacteria and toxic chemicals from paint or furniture and prevents mold and mildew. Unlike aerosols or scented products with harmful chemicals, the odors are not just masked but absorbed and removed. It's safe to use around pets and children. It is held in a durable linen bag unlike cheap imitations using non-woven materials which tear easily. Each bag is handmade fresh from the factory and full of natural goodness. It could be refreshed monthly and reused for 2 years and covers up to 70 sq feet area. Start noticing improvements in the room or area after about 1-2 days.
Perfect for the fridge
-Prevent mold and mildew. Help keep food fresh longer
-More effective than Baking Soda
Create healthy environment
-Effectively block electromagnetic radiation
-Increase the amount of negative ions and create healthy environment

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