Anyone can be a beautiful Mermaid

Let me ask you this... Has your little one every wanted to be a mermaid?  How about you?  Well what if I told you that you can now be a mermaid!!  How exciting is that?!?!  Now I know you are probably wondering and asking yourself now how is that possible?  Well, after you read this post/review you will know and I know you will want to get one or more of your own!!

A company called Sun Tail Mermaid can make your dream of becoming a mermaid reality!  When I was given the chance to work with this company I jumped at the chance.  After all, like a lot of others, even I wouldn't mind being a beautiful mermaid.

There are many mermaid tails to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect one!  The only thing that is going to be difficult is deciding which one you want, I know I did.  There are even shark fins for the boys and men that way they won't feel left out.

I chose the Dragon Mermaid Tail with Mono Fin.  I love dragons so I thought what better mermaid tail to get than the dragon one, after all it is combining to beautiful creatures.

You receive everything you need to get started.  The mermaid tail, mono fin and tip protectors.

Just look at the beautiful coloring of this mermaid tail.  You can just imagine what it will look like in the water.

The detail is really good that it looks like actual scales!

It is very easy to get it all together and ready to wear.  First all you have to do is slip the tip protectors on. Second, slip the fin through the bottom of the mermaid tail, Third, slip the side of the tail onto the fin, Fourth, you slip into it and place your feet/toes into the fin and you are ready to go.  You will instantly transform from a human to a mermaid!!  Now how cool is that?

There is one thing I regret about my mermaid tail.  A couple of weeks I feel at work really messed my knee up.  In fact I messed it up so bad it hurts to have anything on it without a bandage even then it has to be loose fitting.  So with that being said I haven't been able to put on my mermaid tail.  I know it is going to fit perfectly when I am able to finally put it on!  Go and check them out and find your perfect mermaid or merman tail!!

Meet Suntail Mermaids

How We Turned A Dream Into A Real Product

My kids and their friends loved to pretend they were mermaids, sharks and dolphins in the pool, but wanted a better monofin swim flipper. One that wouldn't hurt their feet or break, so I set out to make one. I created dozens of prototypes, the first of which were out of wood and foam, and later worked with a scuba diving engineer to perfect my design.
- Jessica, Inventor of the Sun Tail Mermaid Monofin
We began to sell kid-sized monofins and mermaid tails, and soon heard from adults who loved the product, but wanted a monofin that fit them too. In March 2015 we launched a kickstarter.
One month later it was fully funded thanks to 78 generous backers. With this support we were able to expand our product line to include premium realistic mermaid tails and monofins for teens and adults in a variety of beautiful colors. Our dreams really were coming true.
There's great satisfaction in seeing something you've imagined come to life. 

Founded in Alaska, We Ship to You From Idaho.

To keep shipping costs low and speed delivery, we utilize fulfillment centers in the lower 48 states; our main warehouse is located in Rigby, Idaho.

We're pleased to ship mermaid tails, swimming suits, and our patent-pending mermaid monofin swim flippers all over the world. 

What's Special About Our Mermaid Tails, Monofins and Other Products.

Our mermaid monofins are not only spectacularly comfortable, they're virtually unbreakable, too!  No more blisters or chaffing, and no more sad mermaids with broken, cracked, or snapped plastic fins.  Our monofins come in a wide range of beautiful colors, so you can match your mermaid tail or look amazing wearing it alone.
All our mermaid tails are made of high quality swimsuit fabric with 4-way stretch.  We do quality control testing on all batches of fabric to ensure the best color fastness and durability for your tails. 
We have, hands down, the most amazing customer service.  If you have any problems with your Sun Tail Mermaid products, contact us!  We'll take care of you.
We are committed to bringing you quality mermaid tails, monofins, and swimwear at the best prices for kids, teens, and you!
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