Power Tek MultiPurpose Tool

I know I have been in situations where I all of a sudden needed pliers, light or something, especially now that we live in the country.  Power Tek has a Multi-Purpose Tool that helps out in almost all situations.  It will fit in your pocket or attach to your belt.

I have used other multi purpose tools before and have been pleased with them.  I wasn't sure this one was going to be as good as them.

I love that it came with a case that can attach to your belt.  That way it will be with you at all times.  The case isn't a flimsy/cheap one either.  It is nice and sturdy.

The Power Tek Multi Purpose Tool is the same size as the others.

I love the pliers.  This is normally the one tool that I need most often.

The tools that are contained in this MultiPurpose tool are: Knife, Spring-loaded Needlenose Pliers w/ Wire Cutters, Wire Strippers, Spring-loaded Scissors

This tool has a feature that I haven't seen on others. It has a light also!  Not just one but two of them! 
That way you don't have to carry a flashlight with you.

The button for the light is discreetly placed and is in a position where you don't have to worry about accidently turning it on and running your batter down.

Product Description

In a perfect world, you'd only have to deal with DIY tasks in well-lit conditions.
But this is far from reality. How many times have you been stuck trying to make a repair in poor lighting? And it never fails... when you need to take care of a repair, the flashlight you keep in your toolbox has vanished.
Even if you locate your flashlight, there's the task of trying to shine the light on your work area with one hand while you make repairs with the other.
But what if you had a solution that required no extra hands... no juggling tools and flashlights trying to get the job done?
Fire Talon is the only solution that gives you a full range of essential tools AND a built-in LED flashlight on both ends to make performing repairs a breeze!
Here's what you get with the Fire Talon Multi-Tool:
- TWO strategically placed LED flashlights that give you full illumination... no matter the task!
- A HUGE 3-inch, self-locking, stainless steel 3Cr13 knife blade for even the toughest cutting tasks!
- Professional-grade scissors to make trimming and cutting a breeze!
- Easy-to-use wire strippers to make electrical repairs simple and safe!
- A built-in can opener to take the frustration out of camping trips!
- Phillips and flathead screwdrivers tough enough to handle any task!
- Spring-loaded pliers to take the frustration out of installs and repairs!
- Sure-grip rubber handle inlays to give you full control, even in dark and rainy conditions! When closed, this tool measures 4 in. long and weighs 9.8 oz!
The Fire Talon Multi-Tool comes with a 1-yr warranty, so you know you'll have everything you need to perform repairs and installations right at your fingertips.

If you or someone you know is looking for a great Multi-Purose tool check this one out.  I know you will be very happy with it.

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