Gaffer Tape

I am lucky to have an electrician in the house.  My boyfriend as been one for many years now.  I have seen him at work and the tools of his trade.  One of the tools is tape.  He uses both electrical and duct tape.

When I heard about Gaffer Power and their Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape I just knew that this would be the perfect item to try out.

One of the first things I noticed when I received it was that it looked just like duct tape.  Once I removed the plastic I immediately realize it was nothing like it.  Gaffer Tape is a lot thicker and it almost has a cloth feel to it.  We unrolled it a little and my boyfriend commented on how sticky it was.

With it feeling really sticky he thought it would leave some behind that would have to be cleaned up.  I've cleaned up the glue after tape has been removed and it's no fun.

You can see the fibers that make it a good strong tape.

It's easy to cut/tear in strips also.

He took this roll to work with him and really put it to the test.  He works in a construction environment so if any place could put it to the test it would be his work.

He used it to secure wires and protect them.  This worked great for him.  He told me he had to remove the tape from one area after a few days and it came off without a problem or leaving behind residue.

Some of his co-workers saw him using it and noticed how well it worked they asked to use it also.  Some of them after using it asked where they could get some.  They had never used a tape like this before that would hold like it did in the environment they were in.

Now that I know it works well in the field, so to speak, I will be getting a roll for the house.  That way when I need tape for something I know I will have something on hand that works great!

Product Description

YOUR SEARCH FOR GREAT GAFFER TAPE IS OVER. THIS IS IT. USE WHAT THE PROS USE Gaffer Tape is used by professionals working in the Arts and Entertainment Industry. It is also a multipurpose tape that can be used around the house, for car repairs, and so much more!
Premium Grade Gaffer Tape:
-It's tough, powerful and secures cables tightly
-Holds down wires to podiums and stages
-Removes quickly and cleanly
-Leaves no gummy residue, uses high quality synthetic rubber
-Can be quickly torn into neat strips and used without other tools
-Non reflective, blends it perfectly with the background
-Does no harm to whatever the tape is applied to
-Excellent flexibility What separates us from the rest is that our gaffer tape is also great for around the house! GafferPower has lots of other uses:
-Can also be used for bookbinding, repair tape, wrapping, bundling, protecting, protecting wires, sealing tape
-Can handle outdoor weather and a range of temperatures GafferPower Gaff Tape is a must for anyone who wants the highest quality tape available

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