Expandable Garden water Hose, 50 Ft by RY Gardener

 Everyone that lives in a house other than apartments has at least one water hose I'm sure.  We have at least 5 of them.  I was able to receive RY Gardner's 50' Expandable Water Hose.  Not only do you receive the hose but also a sprayer and a hook to hang it on when not in use. When I took it out it had a high quality feel to it.  I love the blue color also, normally most hoses are green or grey.

 It hangs up nicely and is easier to hang than the traditional water hoses that we have.
 This is one of the only water hoses that I use now.  I use it to water my plants in the front yard and on our front porch.  It also makes it nice and easy when washing your car at home.  There aren't any worries about having to fight with kinks in the hose.

This is a water hose that I highly recommend to anyone who uses them.  There isn't any tangling/kinking, protected from the sun.  Protection from the sun is really important here in South.   The sun here will ruin a water hose real quick especially when there is still water in the line.


Product Description

Are You Tired of Losing Money on an Expandable Hose That Breaks or Stops Operating Properly Every Two Months?
That's why we created the New RY GARDENER Expandable Garden Water Hose For You!

There are many cheap expandable hoses on the market and all look the same, just with different colors.
The latex composition and the number of layers determine the lifespan, so 3 layers are preferable to 2 layers.
Our new material have a double use: 1) This sets the degree of expansion of the inner tube, and 2) protects the hose against external hazards.
RY recently developed a new hose with 3 layers of high-quality latex plus a fourth layer of PVC for the hose in order to provide the inner tube strength and protection from external injuries (see photo).
In addition, we inserted an aluminum clamp, which is highly resistant to high pressure, under the brass connectors.
Improvements that increased the water pressure capacity in the hose to 170 psi (12.7 bar) allow for more widespread uses.
Full set at same price: To complete this excellent product with the shut-off-valve brass connectors, we provide free a high quality spray nozzle with 8 adjustable patterns, a hose hanger, and 6 washers.
You can rest easy with your purchase. We are absolutely confident in our product and Guarantee our Expandable Garden Water Hose for a Full 12 Months!

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