Garden Hose Nozzle - by RY Gardener

Everyone that lives in a house other than apartments has at least one water hose I'm sure.  We have at least 5 of them.  I was able to receive RY Gardner's Hose Nozzle to use with oursYou receive every thing you need to start using it immediately.

 This nozzle is a nice sturdy one that will impress you with it's quality.  I use it to water my plants in the front yard and on our front porch.  It also makes it nice and easy when washing your car at home.  
This is a water hose nozzle that I highly recommend to anyone who uses them.  The grip fits nicely in your hands

This hose nozzle pairs nicely with either their expandable hose or a regular one.

Check out my video on both their 50' expandable  hose and hose nozzle.

Product Description

Heavy Duty Metal Trigger Water Nozzle

Are you not tired of disappointing?

This beautiful hose nozzle constructed of advanced design made from quality metal with rubber coating, in order to provide a comfortable feeling to work over time, with a wide range of possible uses.
You can irrigate with a wide range of patterns for every watering needs and only with a slight rotation of the head of the gun. You can get a full range of pressure, From weak fine spray up to flow strong water - 100 psi.
The soft PVC coating makes this sprayer very comfortable in your hand. You can water all day and your hand won't tired. The RY Gardener Nozzle have Ergonomic Soft PVC Comfort Grip.
Designed for working at different pressures. Ideal For Cleaning hard surfaces, Washing Car, houses, gardening , pets and suitable for Watering Plants and Soaking the Soil.
This hose nozzle fits for 3/4 USA garden hose thread, and he come with FREE SET of: two adjustable fast connectors with 4 rubber and 2 o-rings washers.
100% money back factory guarantee for one full year for any defects and leaks. This hose nozzle comes with world class customer service by RY Gardener !!

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