Bellemain Ice-Tempered Stainless Steel 7" Cleaver

Bellemain Ice-Tempered Stainless Steel 7" Cleaver is a great knife to have in your kitchen.  It is stainless steel and very sharp.  There won't be any problems with using it due to dullness.

It has a beautiful design and fits comfortablly in your hands.

 It is such a great knife thta you can cut almost anything with it.

We cook a lot of acorn squash (also known as winter squash) so when they are in season again I know this is going to make it so easy to prepare them.  No more using the wrong knife for me now.  Who would have thought that this knife would have been a great addition for us.

Product Description

This classic Chinese-style cleaver powers easily through jobs a chef's knife just can't handle, from breaking down a chicken to chopping up a pumpkin. Every detail of the Bellemain's design and construction has been expertly engineered to deliver comfortable handling and excellent durability.
X30cr13 Stainless Steel
Exceptional strength and hardness are the reasons X30cr13 stainless steel is preferred for high performance cutting tools such as professional kitchen knives, medical instruments and industrial machinery ... and why it was chosen for the Bellemain Cleaver.
Ice-Tempered for Long-Lasting Sharpness
Ice tempering increases stainless steel's ability to hold a sharp edge longer, which means less rehoning you need to do. Add to this its stain-/corrosion-resistance and dishwasher-safe convenience, and you have a winner that works hard so you don't have to.
Precision Cut, Hollow Ground Edge
The Bellemain Cleaver makes it easy to amp up your chopping speed, thanks to the hollow (concave) ground cutting edge that helps prevent just-chopped foodstuffs from sticking to the blade. An identical grind on both sides promotes straight and even down strokes every time.
With blade and handle cast as one solid piece (full tang), there are no worries about the handle breaking off or coming loose, no matter how hard you chop. The comfortable, ergonomic handle shape reduces hand fatigue, while the seamless bonded non-slip bolster helps you maintain a sure grip.
Weight Balanced to Minimize Effort
The correct center of balance between blade and handle gives you greater control, with less hand strain. It can transform your food prep work from a chore into a pleasure. Think of the difference between driving a pick-up truck and a Ferrari ... that's the Bellemain Cleaver experience!

Pro-quality ice-tempered x30cr13 stainless steel
Precision cut edge, hollow ground to reduce sticking
Weight balanced to minimize effort
Ergonomically shaped full tang handle
Seamless bonded non-slip grip 

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