A Fun Filled day with the Harlem Globetrotters

Let's see a show of hands for those that have heard of, seen and/or watched on tv the Harlem Globetrotters while growing up.  While growing up I used to watched them on tv.  I wasn't fortunate enough to see them in person until now.  Working with USFamily Guide I was given the opportunity to go see them yesterday in Houston, TX.

There were lots of eager fans of wall ages waiting to get in to see them.  Even if you aren't one that cares for basketball this is definitely a show to see.

After growing up with them it was exciting to see their performance.  Below you will see several pictures from the show.

 Here's a video (not professional obviously) of The Globetrotters coming onto the court.

Before the game started they played the National Anthem whith the Marine Corp Color Guard carrying the Flag.

Before the second half of the game started they honored the American Service men and women along with us Vets!  I thought that was awesome of them.

They involved, as always, the audience in their performances.  Especially the little ones!

Musical Chairs with Globie!  Even though Globie didn't play real fair the kids had a great time!

Check out these other pictures:

 There was an autograph session for a few after the game.  We even got a few pictures with them!

Yes there's even a female on the team now!

We purchased a program and globetrotters basket ball which we were able to get some of them to sign.

Not only do they put on a great show but they also support charities such as World Vision.

Check out the video of the last few seconds of the game and overtime to see who won!

 Even though my review is coming to an end on the fabulous show that doesn't mean your experience has to.  If you live in or near one of their 2015 World Tour Venues you can go and see them.  Click HERE to find one near you.  Click HERE to receive and use the following coupon code to receive a discount on tickets: Use promo code FAMGUIDE to get $7 off select tickets.

 I know you won't regret  seeing them!  Kids of all ages (yes even us big kids) will enjoy their performance!

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