Bellemain Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter Review

We tend to eat a lot of pizza's as you have probably seen in other post I have done.  Not all the time but we do go through spurts of wanting pizza all the time.  We have gone through a lot of pizza cutters before.  Bellemain Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter with Sturdy Wooden Handle- 14 inch Rocker Styl Pizza Cutter is a nice pizza cutter. 

 I love that it is stainless steel and has a wooden handle.

All you have to do is start at the edge and rock it across the pizza.

Just like traditional pizza cutters this gives a nice clean cut.
If you would like a nice pizza cutter I would suggest checking this one out.  I think you will be just as pleased with it as we are. 

Product Description

Tired of pizza wheels that get clogged with cheese and knives that drag the toppings along with them? Switch to the Epica professional style cutter and see how easy cutting up a pizza can be.

Fast, Precise and Efficient Rocker Cutting
Thanks to its slightly curved demi lune shape, the Bellemain cutter slices through the entire width of the pizza at once with just a simple rocking motion. Since you're not pulling it across the pizza, toppings don't get dislodged and the crust doesn't get torn. Measuring 13 3/4"L x 3"H, it handles almost any pizza size or thickness.

Engineered for Heavy Use, Light Effort
Made of heavyweight 18/0 stainless steel, The Bellemain is a reliable performer in busy professional or home kitchens. But you don't need muscle to wield it; the easy grip handle and balanced weight practically do the work for you. It's dishwasher safe so clean-up is easy, too.

Much More Than a Pizza Cutter
The Bellemain is also ideal for mincing herbs, chopping vegetables or nuts and slicing large fruits. Pivoting on its curved edge, it works like a demi lune chopper, the first choice of chefs who must quickly process large quantities of ingredients. Then it scoops them up from the cutting board and transfers them to the pan. 
Cuts entire width of pizza with easy rocking motion
Pizza toppings stay in place
Commercial quality 18/0 stainless steel, sturdy wooden handle
Weight balanced for minimal effort
Also minces, chops, slices, scrapes and scoops

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