2 Majestic Bombay Dog Dental Tools

Good dental care is something that shouldn't be ignored.  Even with our fur babies.  Majestic Bombay let me review their Dog Dental Tools.

Kai and Sissy have a toothbrush and toothpaste but sometimes that isn't good enough.  Their teeth should be cleaned like ours to prevent health issues.

I was excited to try these since I knew that their teeth needed to be cleaned good and I wasn't taking them to the Vet to have it done.  After all it would be better on them if it was done at home by me.

I was completely wrong about that.  I attempted to use the tools on them but they fought me the whole time.  I did get some tarter removed but not enough.

These dental tools look like the ones that are used in dental offices.  They are made of stainless steel so they are easy to sanitize after each use.  The mirror is great for making sure the backs of the their teeth are cleaned good.

I will keep trying to get them used to these and having their teeth cleaned because I know that they will benefit greatly from it.

Product Description

Keep your dog's teeth tarter free with this Stainless Steel Double Ended Tooth Scraper and Inspection Mirror. We include sleeve for storage. Feeding dry food, providing crunchy treats and allowing the regular supervised chewing of American Chew Treats will allow the passive cleaning of your dog's teeth. Actively brushing your dog's teeth will keep your best friend's dental health in check. Routine exam of your dog's teeth and removal of tarter with this tooth scraper can save added veterinarian expenses. Brushing your dog's teeth is just one part of the oral care regime. If your dog already shows signs of advanced gum disease; Red, Swollen or Bleeding Gums, Gum Erosion or Putrid Smell Emitting from his mouth, your dog should see a veterinarian immediately.

6-1/2-Inch Double Headed Pet Tarter Remover
Mirror features .85"diameter real glass for superior clarity
Non-slip Knurled Handle Ensures Accuracy and Comfort
All Stainless Steel
Wash and Dry after Each Use

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