Toenail Fungus Treatment

Toenail fungus isn't a subject we really want to talk about.  But let's face it, sometimes it rears its ugly head.  I have heard a lot of ladies say they have gotten a fungus from getting pedicures, showering at the gym or other places.  The cost of treatment from what I understand is outrageous also.

I have been fortunate enough not to have had this issue.  My husband has not been so fortunate though and would prefer to use a natural remedy rather than a prescription one.  Now, please keep in mind that this is just his preference and not for everyone.

When I was given the chance to try Perfect Nail Solution I jumped at.  After all, I figured what could it hurt.

This product contains all natural ingredients.

It is a two step process.  Soak with the first solution then apply the second directly to the affected area.  He has only used it for a few days so we haven't noticed much change as of yet but we are hopeful.

He has been using this and we have even ordered more to keep on hand as it really works!!

About the product

SIMPLE 2-STEP HOME FUNGAL TREATMENT PROCESS - Nail fungal infection (also known as onychomycosis) may be unsightly, but this most common disease of the nails can have far-reaching implications on your social life and employment. The good news is you can treat it easily and renew your nails in the comfort of your own home. 

STEP 1 - RELAXING FOOT SOAK - First, drop 1 ml of Perfect Nail Foot Soak Solution into a warm foot bath. Relax, soak your feet in the warm water for five (5) minutes, and then dry your toes. Ingredients comprise Vitamin E and the following all-natural oils: Oregano Oil, Lemon Oil, Lavender Oil, and Olive Oil.

STEP 2 - SIMPLY APPLY A TOPICAL SOLUTION - Next, apply a thin layer of our antifungal topical solution to the infected nail, using the built-in applicator brush, and allow it to dry. Key ingredients comprise Vitamin E and a blend of natural oils: Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sesame Oil, and Jojoba Oil.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS THAT WORK - All of the ingredients in this 2-step product are proven to be effective to combat and kill nail fungus, preventing a recurrence, and improving overall nail health with its antibacterial powers. Of particular interest is Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Oil, which has many uses, including helping with skin infections, athletes foot, nail repair, and, of course, helps you eliminate fungi.
SUITABLE FOR TOES AND FINGERS - Whether you have a fungal or nail infection, damaged, yellow or green nail, discoloration on your toenail or fingernail, our Perfect Nail Solution can have your nails reflecting your best self: beautiful and healthy with minimal cost, time and effort

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