Flare Play Family Gaming System

Most everyone now a days has a gaming system of  some type.  FlarePlay 2.0 is another type of gaming system for the whole family.  Although, this isn't your typical gaming system.  This is a gaming system that is not only fun to play but is also educational, only difference is there is not a typical console.  

This is what you will get when you order this system:

USB, Power cable, HDMI cable, and charge block
Plus a free month of game play comes with your purchase.

  Now I'm sure you are wondering about the cost of this.  It isn't expensive.  To get started it is $49.99, which you get everything you need to get started plus a free month of game play.  There are different prices, depending on the plan that you choose, plans start at$4.99 and range to $14.99 a month.

It is nice to have everything you need to get started.  The game play box is attached to the back of your TV via the HDMI cord that is included,  and plug in the power cord.  The only thing with this setup that I think needs to be changed is the length of the HDMI cable and that there is only one power plug (wall charger).  You can charge the controller by plugging it into the game box with the USB cord but it seems like it would be better to be able to charge it via the wall charger.  So since only one is included for both the play box and the controller then you would need to pick one up from the store.
This is the category/game selection screens.

   We played the Button Affair game first.  This is one of the pre-loaded games on the system.  The freeplay could use a bit more graphic imporvement.  It reminds me of the games that were out in the 80's.  This game is also a bit fast paced so it is definitely for the older ones or adults.


 This is the screen you will see when you download a game.

 The next game that we played was Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  This game was found in the Disney section and I am very pleased with the graphics and game concept.  It is an interactive story that helps little ones to learn their shapes.  As you can see the baby loves it!

Over all I love this game system even with the couple of things that I think should be changed.  This would make a nice gift for the family at Christmas time or just because.

 Why FlarePlay

The Flare Play Difference?

Flare Play is the ultimate fun, safe and smart gaming system for kids.
  • Age appropriate games
  • Parental controls for each child
  • Both fun and educational games

Less to Buy. More to Play.

Why pay over $900 to build out a game library your kids will outgrow?
  • 50 FREE games are included with each Flare Play game kit
  • Optional add-ons: additional games are available à la carte

Great for travel

Game equipment so small that you can take it anywhere*
* Requires high speed Wi-Fi residential service, a HDMI TV and will only
work in the continental United States

Why FlarePlay?

It's a smarter way to game
  • Great combo of fun and skill-building
  • Promotes critical thinking and problem solving
  • Encourages sharing and strategy with multiplayer
  • No more mess — just plug and play with your TV

Purchase and own the games

Want even more from Flare Play? We have a store full of games that you can purchase and own. Using your Piggy Bank is easy as 1, 2, 3.
  1. Fill your bank with “coins”, which are redeemable for
    purchases at the Flare Play Store.
  2. Set the amount your kids can spend by profile.
  3. Set a PIN for each profile.
That’s it! Flare Play is a great way to build your family’s own game library!

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