Custom ID Cards

 Whether you are a business or individual IDCreater can help you with your id needs.  Their site is so easy to use so making your id is virtually painless.  Their customer service is awesome also.  They have an online chat to help you with any problems you might encounter.

They included a lanyard with my id card also which was nice.

 You can have an id made up for different situations.  They have templates for animals, medical, children and more.

You can have as much or as little information on the id cards that you would like.  They are printed on both front and back with a reader strip.  You can have the hole placed on the top or sides so it can be placed on a lanyard or not have one at all and carry it in your wallet.

These id's would be a great idea for you to have of your children in the chance that something unthinkable happens.  All their information would be in one place so all you would have to do is give it to law enforcement. 

About IDCreator

IDCreator's mission is to be the premier outlet for high-quality and secure photo ID badges. The IDCreator application took just shy of thirty months to design and develop. IDCreator.com is owned and operated by Project Arcadia LLC.
Project Arcadia LLC is part of the Make ID Cards Network which maintains a network of innovative Web sites and retail fronts for the identification and security industry. The network can be accessed at MakeIDCards.com and through its other specialty websites at ArcadiaID.com, IDCardSupply.com, and IDOverlays.com.

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