ZITRADES IP66 Waterproof 10W DC 12V Warm White LED

Do you have landscaping that you would like to have a light on?  Or would you like to just have a little extra light around the yard?  If you answered yes to either of these then you might want to check out the ZITRADES IP66 Waterproof 10W DC 12V Warm White LED light.

This is a great light that will help with your lighting needs around the yard.

It's not a huge light so it won't be an eye sore.  Also you are able to attach it to a surface if you don't want it on the ground.  The color coded wires helps with accurate hook up.

The light is a warm light.  It also is low heat so it won't heat up to where something could be damaged.

All you do is hook it up to a battery and you are good to go.  If you want you can get a converter so you can hook it up to electricity. 

Technical Details

Life time over 50,000 hours
Beam Angle 120 degree
Outdoor waterproof security floodlight
landscape light
landscape lamp
10W High-brightness SMD LED as the light source,Very low heat generating, low power consumption.
ZITRADES promise IP66 Waterproof flood light suitable for outdoor and indoor using
ZITRADES individual gift box packed
Super quality and safety . 1 Year Warranty!
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