Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wrap Combo

 If you work out it is important that you do so in a safe manner.  When weight lifting that is ecspecially important.  Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wraps help you to be safe.

 If you are wondering what wrist wraps do in helping you stay safe, I'll tell you.  They help to keep your wrist stabilized to help minimize stain and injury.

 They have a thumb strap to help keep them in place.

 The velcro feature is nice and strong and doesn't slip while using during a workout.

If you or someone you know works out then check out these great wrist wraps to help you during a workout.

Product Description

Want to SMASH your BEST workout and set NEW GOALS! Maintain maximum strength for longer whilst minimizing risk of wrist, hand and arm Injury
- Wrist supports stabilize your wrists and reduce muscle fatigue in your arms maintaining perfect form
- Eagle ProFitness Wrist wraps reduce your risk of injury and avoid setbacks for weeks & Months

Two Heavy Duty 18" Long x 3" wide Wrist Wraps
Two Premium Weightlifting Straps 24" Long x 1.5" Wide

WHY Heavy Duty? Heavy duty refers to the heavy weight cotton-elastane construction that is build to last with reinforced stitching to prevent fraying. Our 18" wraps are designed longer than the 12" to ensure maximum support and strength, the result is a comfortable supporting wrist brace that won't get in the way of your work out and will maintain your strength longer.
Eagle ProFitness Wrist Wraps & Lifting Straps Key features:
- Wide Thumb Loop For Easy Wrapping and Comfort
- Support and Stabilize your Wrists to Reduce Injury While Pushing Your Best.
- Super Comfortable Durable Cotton-Elastane 18" Wraps
- Lifting Straps Fully Adjustable, 100% Cotton, 24"L X 1.5"W
- Flexible and light
- Increases Strength and Greater Confidence
- Extra Wide Velcro Wrist Wrap Strapping To Lock Down Perfect Form

Start training towards a stronger and fitter great looking physique

PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED AND TESTED TO - Provide excellent comfort and perfect support
REACH YOU GOALS FASTER - By stabilizing your wrists and hands you reduce fatigue and stress on your muscles and tendons - Our combo wrist wraps and lifting straps ensure you will keep better form and have more strength in your final reps reducing the chance of Injury - Whether you are starting out, competition training or recovering from an injury, correctly supporting your arms, wrists and hands will make sure you don't miss a day in the gym
AT A GREAT PRICE - This bestselling combo includes a free pair heavy duty weightlifting - This is your complete Professional support combo pack and you will enjoy a comfortable stronger workout experience
KEY FEATURES - 18" weightlifting wrist wraps - Heavy weight cotton-elastane construction build to last with reinforced stitching to prevent fraying - Strong, wide and comfortable thumb loops for easy wrapping - 2" wide Velcro locks wraps in place allowing a fully adjustable perfect fit every time
AMAZONS 100% SATISFACTION CUSTOMER GUARANTEE + 1 YEAR EXTENDED WARRANTY - If, for whatever reason, you don't absolutely love your Eagle ProFitness weightlifting wrist wraps and free lifting strap combo. You can return It, no risk, no hassle and AMAZON will refund you in full - As an additional bonus register to receive an additional 1 year 100% eagle break it warranty where we will gladly replace your combo pack if there is a problem - Get your combo pack with FREE lifting straps NOW while stocks last

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