15 inch Packing Organizer

Another great item from Dot&Dot is their 15 Inch Packing Organizer.  If you are a traveler either for business or pleasure I suggest checking out this product.

It seems that no matter what I do I can't seem to keep clothing wrinkle free.  Now with this I am able to greatly minimize wrinkling. Which makes it nice if you have some where you need to go when you arrive to your destination.

 Not only is this a packing cube but it is also a folding cube.  Just lay your shirt flat and fold the flaps over for a neat fold.  They will also keep them from shifting.

The great thing about this cube is that you can pack about 7 shirts in it.  That's great for a week long trip.


SIZE: 15" x 10" travel packing organizers can store up to 7 items and can easily fit in your carry on luggage, duffel, suitcase, traveling bag or backpack. These Dot&Dot air travel accessories are also available in Medium size at 18" x 12", which stores 8-12 items of clothing. Both sizes are available in single pack or 2-piece value set. It is a good alternative or replacement to, or works together with packing cubes.
MINIMIZES WRINKLES and keeps your clothes, documents and other international airline flight essentials in place during travel. Each packing organizer case includes a folding board to make folding a breeze for every traveler.
MAXIMIZES LUGGAGE SPACE by compressing your clothes. The envelopes have 4 wings that can be used to wrap the folded clothes and to secure them together while providing maximum compression.
Includes Strap at the top for EASY HANDLING. These containers are slim, compact, portable, lightweight accessory, and looks great to carry around on their own in the plane in case of emergency situations such as excess baggage or when you are undergoing security check at the airport. In addition, one of the flaps of this travel gear is made of mesh, allowing the officer on duty to easily identify the contents during an inspection at the terminal.
MADE of the BEST QUALITY MATERIALS to last a lifetime of travel and adventure. They make perfect gifts for men and women who go on an international business trip or vacation, for people traveling by car on a fun road trip, or for the travelers just enjoying a family holiday on an overseas luxury European cruise ship

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