Solar Charger

Most everyone has a cell phone or some type of electronic device that needs charging at one point or another.

SunLabz has a great Portable Solar Charger that helps to make sure you are able to charge your device almost anytime.  Especially if you are somewhere you don't have access to an electrical outlet. 

For the first couple of weeks after I received this I wasn't able to use.  It was really cloudy/rainy here so it prevented the sun from really coming out.  Then finally the skies cleared and I was able to use it.

I didn't really think it was going to work at first.  I do know that the sun is a great source of energy but come on, this wouldn't work would it.  I was proven wrong.  I took it with us when we went to town so I could use it.  I placed in on the dash board and plugged into it. To my surprise it worked!!  My phone was almost dead but it started charging as soon as I plugged my phone into it.

 The charging port is built into it so all you have to do is unzip and plug your USB cord into it and your device then you are on your way to getting a charge.

 The solar panels are right there when you open up the charger.  So long as this is getting sun it works!  When not in use just close it up so the solar panels are protected.  You can also hang it facing the sun.

This is a great charger to have especially if you are outdoors a lot without access to an electrical plug.  I know this will come in handy with the way we are always outdoors.  It is also going to come in handy come hurricane season.

 About Portable Solar Charger

Solar Panel Charger (7W) with Voltage Stability Controller
High efficiency Solar Cells with 22% Transfer RateDirect Device Charging (no battery) output to USB 5VAccessories include: 4pcs Carabiner / 4 pcs suction cups / Micro USB cablePerfect for charging your cell phone, digital camera, tablet, gps, mp3 player

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