Ebook - The List: Shout Out Your Dreams!

I really enjoy reading.  I have a Kindle so it makes it easy to my books with me everywhere.

When EBook-Pro gave me a chance to review one of their books I said yes!  The book is The List: Shout Out your Dreams.

I really enjoyed this book.  This is a book about overcoming the impossible.  It gives so much inspiration and will even motivate you.  If you enjoy reading I suggest getting this one. Especially if you enjoy reading books that inspire you and show how it is possible to overcome difficulties in life. I don't think you will regret it.

The story follows a strong man on his road to recovery.  He tells how he was able to overcome the obstacles he was presented with.

Editorial Reviews


Phenomenon was the word that kept coming up with regard to Yuval Abramovitz and his blog, lecture, and book, all under the name The List. Is it a phenomenon? Well, I've heard the lecture and read the book. It's not a phenomenon. It's an invitation made by a big-hearted man, who has succeeded in life and is now calling others to follow in his foot-steps. It's an honest and enthusiastic cry and I find it charming.

I have recently been reading a lot of success, inspiration, and self-help books. I don't always choose what I read, since I sometimes get my books from the Saloona readers' club. Unfortunately, I don't have the patience to read most of them. I don't disregard the writers, who truly believe that something in their approach or their method can change others' lives. They believe and write thick books about it, when in fact, they could have written the same things using just half of the volume.

This time it's different. The List is different. It's not a self-help book, but a call for action. A very specific and pinpointed kind of motivation. Not the blabbering kind, but the sharp call to get up and start doing, along with practical advice on how to do things in the most effective way. It's a call that comes from a big heart and without even a hint of condescendence. Yuval Abramovitz tells, with a endearing honesty about his weaknesses, his failures and yes, about his successes too. Modesty and honesty are the two key words that make this book so different from the other books on the self-help shelf.
Yael raanan - Saloona.co.il

From the Author

If you are reading these lines then you must be considering purchasing this book. You may be thinking, "Hey, this looks like something I've read before" or "Right, another genius who wants to teach me how to write lists. What's the big story? You just take a pen and a piece of paper and write".

But this is it - a list is not just a scribble on a piece of paper.

I don't think that in The List I've brought the tablets from Mount Sinai, but I do believe that I have successfully delivered the idea in the most communicative and motivating manner I could. Moreover, thanks to a social experiment I have conducted, which involved around 5,000 list writers from all over the world, I have cracked the code for writing an effective list that will lead to self-fulfillment through mass support via social networks.

This book was written with a lot of love and has useful tools which will help you advance the goals you set for yourself. Since publishing this boo, I have received thousands of heartfelt letters from people who wrote lists and as a result their lives changed for the better and are on their way to self-fulfillment.

I believe that The List will inspire you to act and fulfill yourself and will bring you closer to a much happier life.

From the Inside Flap

What inspired you to write The List?
In 2010 I started a blog named The List. I published ten things I wanted to accomplish within four hundred days (have a toned 'six-pack' belly; interview Oprah Winfrey; tour Australia without spending as much as a dollar; rehabilitate a homeless person and more). Thanks to social networks, the world had responded overnight.

I got the email address of one of Oprah's producers. Personal trainers and gyms offered me their services for free. Dozens of Australians offered their hospitality and I received numerous proposals for promoting my list and improving my life.

The blog inspired thousands of people to publish their lists on the internet. While checking items off my personal list, I discovered that the real gain was the insights I accumulated regarding what makes certain people realize their dreams, and what prevents others from doing so.

It is my feeling that in writing The List I have cracked the code for writing an effective list. This book is not a spiritual book, but a practical guide that will lead you, one step after the other, to creating a list that will effectively help you achieve your life's goals.