Outlet Cover

If you have little ones then I've got a great plug cover to tell you about.  The CoverPlug Outlet Cover by Cover Plug

The packaging isn't fancy so that helps to keep cost down.  That makes it nice when you have several to purchase.  It's also nice that they come 2 to a pack.

They install easily.  All you do is plug them in and the outlet is covered.  It will also  help to disguise it when not in use.
These are also made in the USA which is great!

About Coverplug Electrical Outlet Cover:

The COVERPLUG™ is quicker and easier to install or remove by an adult than other products. At the same time it offers a higher degree of protection and is more aesthetically pleasing than those cheap clear plastic caps.

The COVERPLUG™ looks better than other outlet covers and does a better job protecting your electrical outlets. Its seamless integration hides unsightly outlets from view and protects your children from harm.

The COVERPLUG™ uses a specially designed paintable plastic so you can blend your COVERPLUGS™ right into the walls of your home. Out of sight, out of mind!

Whether you are wanting to child proof your home or just cover up unused outlets these are great.  Enter below for a chance at winning a 2 pack for yourself or someone else.