Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

I have been lucky enough to have had my teeth whitened professionally.  It was just once but it was enough that I loved it except for the fact that it did take a while to do.

I have been lucky enough to work with Dr Song Medical and review their Professional Teeth Whitening Kit.  Now, I had no idea what to expect from this but I was hoping for the best.  I have tried strips and all but they didn't work very well.

It came with all these items.  8 whitening gels, application brush, whitening trays and light.

I have inserted the whitening trays after heating them in hot water and forming them to my teeth.  The whitening trays are something I don't care for because of how large they are even when I had them formed.  To me the trays that are made for you are much better.  Even they they were a bit big they got the job done!

Now we're off!!  I have applied the whitening gel, trays inserted and light over trays.  The light is used for about 10-15 minutes.  After I used the light I still left the whitening gel on for a bit longer before I rinsed out and used the Remineralization Gel which is for sensitivity.

This does work although it is a bit slower than the professional whitening.  Also, I'm a smoker, coffee, tea and soda drinker which doesn't help and slows down the process.

Important Information

Safety Information
Maximum strength. Do not use if you have sensitive teeth or you may experience discomfort.

Product Description

Dr Song Teeth Whitening Kit includes:
• 8 large syringes - good for 50 applications
• gel applicator brush - for easy application of whitening gel
• LED Blue Light Accelerator - for acceleration of whitening process
• moldable teeth trays
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