Quilt Show

I had the pleasure of working with Rio Grande on reviewing their Quilt Show board game.  This was perfect since we love playing and trying new games to play for some quality time together.

This is a game for everyone, especially those that enjoy quilting or is interested in it.  This is a game where you assemble quilts and compete for awards.  The game last around 60 minutes (it may not take you that long since we had several interruptions) so it doesn't take a lot of time.  Quilt Show would also make a great gift for someone.

 This will definitely be a game that we will be playing on a regular basis!

About Quilt Show

In 2009 Judy Martin and her husband, Steve Bennett, designed Quilt Show and entered it in the Rio Grande Games Design Contest. 12 regional winners converged on the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and pitched their games to Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games. One game was assured of winning and being published by Rio Grande Games. As it turned out, Jay liked 4 of the games enough to publish. One of them was Quilt Show.

Quilt Show is a tile-laying game for 2 to 4 players. It takes 30-75 minutes to play, depending on the number of players.

In Quilt Show, players collect fabric cards, which they turn in to make quilt blocks. The blocks are in the form of cardboard tiles. The player keeps the blocks she has made in her "sewing room," the area behind her player screen. Each quilt block has a point value on it. Three times during the game players decide which quilts they are going to enter in the quilt show. The value of the quilt is determined by adding up the point values on the quilt's blocks plus the value of a quilting chip, which can be added to the quilt. The highest valued quilts win the biggest prizes. At the end of the game the player with the most money wins. In the event of a tie, the tied player with the most fabric cards still in her hand wins. As we all know, the quilter who dies with the most fabric wins (at least if she tied for the most prize money)!

The prizes vary from one quilt show to the next, so you have to decide if you even want to enter a particular show. Also, every show has more prizes than there are players. That means you could win more than one prize in a show. Are you better off making 2 smaller quilts or 1 large, impressive quilt? Decisions, decisions.

Quilt Show features 6 different quilt blocks, each one an original Judy Martin design from one of her books.

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