Experience the Wild West! Review.

A book review is one of the hardest reviews for me to write. The reason it is hard for  me is because I want to tell you about the book but not give the story away.  So with this review of Experience the Wild West from publisher Galaxy Press I am just going to tell you what we thought of it and then give you some insight on the book and Author.

If you are a western story enthusiast this will be the book for you!  The book that we received was Six-Gun Caballero. It was well written and easy to read.  My boyfriend is a big western lover. He loves to watch all the westerns and read western books.  There is just something about that time that captivates him. He is wanting to read all the books in this series!  It is also great that they come in both print copy and audio.  That way if you aren't able to sit down and read it you can do other things and listen to the audio book.

Story description:

He’s handsome, charming, and totally outgunned. He’s Michael Patrick Obañon—a role that has Antonio Banderas written all over it. Obañon’s lost his New Mexico spread—and he could lose his life if he’s not careful. A ruthless band of renegades have seized his land, and he’s determined to get it back. Part Irish, part Mexican, Obañon is as American as they come—crafty, confident, and cool under fire—and before he’s done the world will know how the West will be won.

In the 1930s a radio program, Writers and Readers, hosted by Bob de Haven, delivered news of the hottest authors of the day—interviewing the writers behind the stories. Here’s how he promoted an upcoming broadcast with L. Ron Hubbard: “He has placed in print a million and a half words. He is a quantity producer, well paid and in constant demand. He has outlined some valuable information on his lead novelette . . . Six-Gun Caballero.” It is an introduction to Hubbard that is as pertinent now as it was then.

What Critics are saying:

“With its solid genre prose style and ambitious theme, the story bears comparison to such notable western writers as Max Brand, T. T. Flynn, and Alan LeMay.” —Booklist
“If proof were needed that L. Ron Hubbard could handle the Western with the flair of a Louis L’Amour or Zane Grey, this book is it.” —True West Magazine
“Hubbard uses the traditional Western form to tell a challenging and unpredictable story, where the hero outwits his attackers instead of merely having to outshoot them. . . . so intelligent and suspenseful.” —SomebodyDies.com

There are over a dozen books in this series and I'm sure you would love them all.  These would make great gifts for the person in your life that loves reading and westerns.  With National Cowboy Day coming up on July 26th this would make it extra special!

About the Author 
(this is just a portion of his story, you can read more on him by clicking HERE)

Born March 13, 1911, L. Ron Hubbard lived a life at least as expansive as the stories with which he enthralled a hundred million readers through a fifty-year career. Originally hailing from Tilden, Nebraska, he spent his formative years in a classically rugged Montana, replete with the cowpunchers, lawmen and desperadoes who would later people his Wild West adventures. And lest anyone imagine those adventures were drawn from vicarious experience, he was not only breaking broncs at a tender age, he was also among the few whites ever admitted into Blackfoot society as a bona fide blood brother. While if only to round out an otherwise rough and tumble youth, his mother was that rarity of her time—a thoroughly educated woman—who introduced her son to the classics of Occidental literature even before his seventh birthday.
But as any dedicated L. Ron Hubbard reader will attest, his world extended far beyond Montana. In point of fact, and as the son of a United States naval officer, by the age of eighteen he had traveled over a quarter of a million miles. Included therein were three Pacific crossings to a then still mysterious Asia, where he ran with the likes of Her British Majesty’s agent-in-place for North China, and the last in the line of Royal Magicians from the court of Kublai Khan. For the record, L. Ron Hubbard was also among the first Westerners to gain admittance to forbidden Tibetan monasteries below Manchuria, and his photographs of China’s Great Wall long graced American geography texts.
Upon his return to the United States and a hasty completion of his interrupted high school education, the young Ron Hubbard entered George Washington University. There, as fans of his aerial adventures may have heard, he earned his wings as a pioneering barnstormer at the dawn of American aviation. He also earned a place in free-flight record books for the longest sustained flight above Chicago. Moreover, as a roving reporter for Sportsman Pilot (featuring his first professionally penned articles), he further helped inspire a generation of pilots who would take America to world airpower.
Immediately beyond his sophomore year, Ron embarked on the first of his famed ethnological expeditions, initially to then untrammeled Caribbean shores (descriptions of which would later fill a whole series of West Indies mystery-thrillers). That the Puerto Rican interior would also figure into the future of Ron Hubbard stories was likewise no accident. For in addition to cultural studies of the island, a 1932–33 LRH expedition is rightly remembered as conducting the first complete mineralogical survey of a Puerto Rico under United States jurisdiction.
There was many another adventure along this vein: As a lifetime member of the famed Explorers Club,
L. Ron Hubbard charted North Pacific waters with the first shipboard radio direction finder, and so pioneered a long-range navigation system universally employed until the late twentieth century. While not to put too fine an edge on it, he also held a rare Master Mariner’s license to pilot any vessel, of any tonnage in any ocean.
Yet lest we stray too far afield, there is an LRH note at this juncture in his saga, and it reads in part:
“I started out writing for the pulps, writing the best I knew, writing for every mag on the stands, slanting as well as I could.”

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