Christmas Ornament, Wrapping Papper and Photo Panels

I have, once again teamed up with Collage.com.  This time I was able to review their Custom OrnamentCustom Wrapping Paper, and  Aluminum Photo Panels.

Just as with their Photo Book these are fantastic items and even make great gifts.

 This the Christmas Ornament that I had done.  I had it made for my boyfriend with his parents picture on it saying, There's nothing like the love of Mom and Dad.  I thought this would be a great keepsake for him since his Dad has passed away.  Not only do they send the ornament with a hole to attach something to hang it with but they included a ribbon.  This is a two sided ornament so no matter which way you turn it you will see the picture(s).

Making the ornament was easy since they walk you through it step by step, just like with their other products.

 The wrapping paper is really nice.  I was thinking that I  would receive wrapping paper that was on the thin side. But that isn't the case!  It is nice and thick which, for me, makes it easier to work with and it won't tear as easy.

You can put a background on it if you would like along with writing but I decided to leave it with just the pictures on it.  My reasoning for that was so I could use it for any occasion.

I love this added feature on the wrapping paper.  There are guide lines.  These are great with helping in cutting a straight line.  This is a great feature for me!

 Last but not least their Aluminum Photo Panel.  These are great for preserving memories and hanging them in your home, office or anywhere!  The only thing I can say is WOW!  With mine I used photos from our trip to Thailand.  I didn't add all the photos but I did want to display the ones that were beautiful and showed some of the sites there.

This is the back of the photo panel.  I love how they have the equipment to hang it already on it.  There is also a buffer so it will stay flat against the wall that way it won't be hanging at an angle.

Collage.com doesn't just have photo books but a lot of other items that not only make great items for you but for anyone.  So if you're stuck as to what to get someone as a gift check them out, I'm sure you will find something special for them!

I have a surprise for you... Collage.com is offering my readers a chance to win one of the items I have had the pleasure of reviewing. There will be three winners one for each item.

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