High Visibility Dartboard Shooting Targets

If you are someone who enjoys going to the shooting range or are able to target practice in your back yard like we are then you need to see these awesome targets.  High Visibility Dartboard Shooting Targets makes practice a little more challenging.

You may have played darts many times but what about playing darts with your weapon?

Sorry about the picture being upside down, not sure what happened (no I didn't take it upside down lol).  Then there is a target called dot torture where it tells you what to do.  1. Draw, Five Shots Slow Fire. 2. Draw, On shot (X5) and it goes all the way up to number 10. 

This is my favorite target.  The reason this one is my favorite is because it is one that helps you to correct your mistakes.  Yes there is a bullseye but on the outter ring it has things like Breaking Wrist Up, Heeling (anticpating recoil), Pushing (anticipating recoil) or no follow through. There are more but that gives you an idea how it lets you know what you are doing wrong so you can try and correct it.

Product Description

We all enjoy to play games, especially at social gatherings. Have you ever played dart games? It's a lot of fun.
What if you could play dartboard games with guns instead of darts? Surprise your spouse, family and friends with a game of cricket, 301 or 501 on a shooting dartboard at the next gathering.
So, if you are ready to make your next trip to the range a fun trip, get these Dartboard Shooting Targets. And then you can challenge your spouse or your friends to a game of shooting dartboard game.
Improve your aim and shooting skills while playing your favorite dart games.
When you buy today, you also get access to our SHOOTING FUNDAMENTALS lessons if you are interested in polishing your fundamentals($5.99 value).

Build your shooting skills while having fun playing shooting dartboard games!
Printed with High-Visibility Fluorescent Red Ink and Deep Black Ink for high visibility of the shots
Pack of 25 paper targets || 11" x 17"
Free access to our Shooting Fundamentals lessons
When you order today, you're protected by a 60 day, no-questions asked money back guarantee and excellent customer service!!

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