Fifi & Fido Treats for Dogs

Kai and Sissy was ablet o do a review on Fifi & Fido Treats for Dogs.  This is their favorite kind of reveiw.

 These treats come in a nice sized 16 oz bag.

Need a treat for training purposes then check give these treats a try.

Our dogs loved them and yours probably will too.

Great for pretty much all dogs.  Even the ones who have wheat allergies.

 These are made in the USA and not overseas!

 They are in a stick form rather than flat jerky style.

Overall I loved these for our little furbabies.  The only thing I was disappointed in was that after about 2 weeks there was a fuzzy mold growing on them.  This happened in spite of them being stored in a cool (A.C) dry area.  I would suggest them being stored in the fridge especially if you live in a warm/hot climate like we do.

Product Description

HEALTHY PET TREATS YOUR DOG WILL LOVE Pet-lovers today want gourmet treats that contain no unhealthy artificial ingredients. Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky Treats are a healthy dog treat alternative. Made with a pure and simple recipe that contains high quality, all natural, USA ingredients. Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky Treats are a perfect reward for any dog in training and for dogs that want a healthy treat with the optimal blend of easily digestible ingredients. Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky Treats are excellent for dogs in all life stages.
Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky Treats are low-odor, deliciously slow cooked treats, made from 100% USA pure beef. No added foreign ingredients from China! Our high-quality Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky Treats are baked in a SQF certified facility that adheres to global food safety standards. The healthy dog treat alternative! Wheat, corn, grain, and soy- free with no added sugar or wheat gluten. No-mess treat sticks, that are easily breakable for training, and can be just as easily concealed in hands and pockets when training your furry best friend!
The Perfect Training Treat
Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky Treats are packaged in attractive, resealable pouches. Treats come in packets of 10. A favorite of dog-lovers and trainers, these treats can be easily broken into just the right size for training treats. Low-odor, yet a beefy favorite, great for training rewards at home or outdoors. Non-messy, non-sticky, Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky Treats make life with Fido that much more fun!
So, if your best friend deserves a treat now and then, I highly recommend you click the link below and order Fifi & Fido Beef Jerky Treats. The moment the parcel arrives I know you'll be impressed.

DOGS CAN'T RESIST THE BEEFY FLAVOR- Fifi & Fido Gourmet Beefy Jerky Treats are protein packed, easily digestible and easily devourable. Flavorful natural treats that even the fussiest dog can't resist.
PERFECT TRAINING TREATS - An all time favorite of trainers and dog-lovers. These all American Beef Jerky treats are loaded with nutritional value and are easily breakable into small rewards. You'll be surprised how much quicker your dog learns when rewarded with a beef treat.
A HEALTHY TREAT - 100% natural. Our Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky treats are made in the USA with real meat. These delicious treats and snacks are made with all American beef and are wheat, corn, grain and soy-free with no added gluten or sugar. Our treats only contain whole food ingredients, which is what your dog needs.
FLAVORFUL & TANTALIZINGLY GOOD - Fifi & Fido Beefy Jerky treats are odor-free and won't leave your hands smelling beefy. These are a must for every dog lover in training.
CUSTOMER REVIEWS On April 23rd Stevenator said "Excellent product, my dogs will knock you over for these treats. Feel very safe giving these to them"

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