Help alleviate wrist pain with Vive's universally sized wrist braces

I was excited when Vive Healthcare asked me to review their products.  I chose their wrist braces because I know that a lot of people have issues with wrist pain due to a number of factors.  I have it because of years of using a computer.  The repetitive motion really can reek havoc on your body. 

I received both the left and right wrist brace.

They were very easy to put on.  I wore them for about an hour and a half and I could tell a difference when I put them on. Unlike other wrist braces that I have purchased these are very comfortable and provide the needed support.  Others were either too loose, tight, didn't provide the needed support or something else that I didn't wear them or took them back.  These are ones that will be near by for when I need them.

The brace is also removable so if you don't that extra support you can easily take it out and replace it when you do need it.  It also makes it easy for cleaning.  Cleaning it is easy also.  It can be machine washed on cold and air dried.

Not sure how to fit your brace, then check out this video. They will walk you through it.

Vive's universally sized wrist braces are versatile products designed to provide support and alleviate wrist pain caused by injury, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, or arthritis. It is made with breathable neoprene, and features a removable splint and extra-strength fastening material for customizable support. Protected by a 60-day warranty.


Allows you to determine the level of stiffness of your brace.
Relieves pain caused by previous injuries and helps to prevent re-injury.
Neoprene material is lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for exercise and daily use.
Extra-strength fastening material allows you to adjust the tightness of the brace to your own specifications.

Vive Guarantee

 This product is guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects. We will replace or exchange any product that is defective to your complete satisfaction within 60 days of purchase, as long as the product has not been misused or abused.

If you or someone you know suffers from wrist pain then check out these wrist braces.  I don't think you will be disappointed with them.  Click HERE to take a look.  They can also be found on Amazon.

Just for my readers Vive is offering you a 20% discount off your first purchase from their site.  All you have to do is go HERE and enter the code GET20 at checkout. They have a lot of other great products so I'm sure you will be able to find the right one for you.

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