Bluapple VeggieZips with HydroLiners

I have had the pleasure of working with Bluapple again.  When they contacted me to test their VeggieZips with Hydroliners I jumped at the chance.  These are a great product for getting your fresh produce to last longer.

They come in a box of 22, both liners and bags.  These are so easy to use and helps you to save money!!

They are easy to insert if you don't want or need to wrap your produce in them.

I used our bell peppers to test out VeggieZips.  The top picture is of the one I placed in the bag with a liner (which wasn't necessary for this veggie) and the bottom picture is of one I just placed in the drawer.  The pepper in the bag looked and felt almost like the day we bought them.  The one not in the bag, just placed in the fridge was already starting to look bad.  The one not in the VeggieZips was starting to? wrinkle up and get real soft.  This was after a week of being in the fridge.

These bags work wonders at saving your fresh produce.  I can't wait to use these with all our produce.

Produceology: Produce Storage Tips

The Pillars of Produce Freshness
T: Temperature Control
H: Humidity Control
E: Ethylene Gas Control
There are three pillars to produce freshness: Temperature control, humidity control, and ethylene gas control. Your refrigerator controls the temperature, VeggieZips helps to control the humidity when needed, and Bluapple will absorb ethylene gas. By using Bluapple products, produce life can be maximized and extended.
Have questions about the best way to store your fruits and vegetables? We have compiled a comprehensive list of all of the common - and even not so common - produce that you might need to store. Get ready for some Produceology!

What are VeggieZips and How do they work?

VeggieZips™ are specially designed produce bags that help to maintain humidity. Each bag comes with a HydroLiner™, a thick, cloth-like towel that can be dampened to add moisture to produce, or used dry to absorb moisture. VeggieZips™ solves the problem of vegetables needing humidity levels maintained while allowing for harmful ethylene gas to escape and fresh air into the bag.  The produce bag has U-Vent™ holes throughout the bag; fresh air goes in, ethylene gas goes out!  And, by using a damp HydroLiner™ with produce that needs to stay moist, a humid environment is created. However, not all produce needs high humidity levels, they can still dry out faster if left outside of a bag.  For instance, using a VeggieZips™ bag with a dry HydroLiner™ for strawberries, allows for moisture to be absorbed from the berries, but at the same time, they aren’t being dried out with the circulated air from the refrigerator.  You can check out their FAQ section for some of the most commonly asked questions like this.

For the low price of $9.99 for a 22 pack they are definitely something to keep on hand.  Between these and their original product, Bluapple, you're produce will last so much longer.

Jessica and BluApple has been generous enough to allow me to give three of my wonderful readers to win a box of their veggiezips.  Just enter via rafflecopter below.

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