Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Children's Musical Drum

If you have a child in your life that is interested in music then I have the ideal thing for them.  Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Chrildren's Musical Drum will keep them entertained for hours and will help with their musical interest.


This set comes with a bass drum, keyboard, cymbals, tom-toms, and plays animal sounds.

 This set not only helps to nurture their musical side but it also helps little ones to learn their animal sounds.

The chair/stool is the perfect height for them to play their set comfortably.  The drum sticks are the perfect size for their little hands. 

This would make the perfect gift for the little one in your life.  Whether it be your own child, grandchild or a friends child.

Product Description

Package Includes: Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Children's Musical Instrument Toy Drum & Keyboard Play Set

Junior DJ Drum Band 2-in-1 Children's Musical Instrument Toy Drum & Keyboard Play Set
7 Key Piano w/ 4 Small Tom-Toms, 2 Cymbals, 2 Drumsticks, and Bass Drum w/ Foot Pedal
Flashing Lights! On/Off Switch, Animal Sounds Buttons: Horse, Cow, Bird
Drum Rhythm Mode: Play Pre-Programmed Drum Rhythms, DJ Mixer: Functions as a DJ Mixer
Easy to Assemble! Approx. Assembled Dimensions: 10" Long x 26" Wide x 24" Tall, Stool Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 7.5", Requires 3 AA Batteries to run (not included)

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