Stability Ball by Pavandeep 2000lbs Resistance

Like a lot of people I am trying to get into shape and eat better.  With Pavandeep's Stability ball I am able to have fun while I am getting healthier and in shape.

It is easy to inflate, I used an air pump that we have to fill up our pool floats so it made it easier than using the foot pump.

Here are a few easy exercises I found from searching the web: Beginner Sit-ups, Leg Extensions, Ball Lifts and Ball Squats.  All you have to do is search for exercises with a stability ball and you will be on your way to great workout that doesn't put a lot of stress on your body.

At the same time I did some research as to what the benefits of doing exercises with a stability ball and the one benefit I found during my research for this type of exercise was that it's a great tool for strengthening the abdominal muscles as well as other core muscles!

What better way is there to workout than with a stability ball that aids you in so many ways without a lot of stress!  Also, with this stability ball I didn't have to worry about it popping on me or deflating all the time!!

Product Description

- Will not burst under pressure even in the toughest conditions
- Made out of the best materials available WE STRIVE TO DELIVER THE BEST
- Tested and approved by health & fitness professionals as well as Fitballing enthusiasts
- The most versatile piece of equipment you can find, use as a Desk Chair or as a Birthing Ball
- Bury in the sand and use as trampoline for Fitballing, get as creative as you can! Choose 65cm for height 5.10 and under, 75cm for height 5.10 and over
Prevent & Manage Back Pain
Constant use of this product prevents and diminishes lower back pain by releasing tension from the muscles around the sacral-lumbar area Easy to Inflate and Deflate
- Foot pump for quick inflation/deflation Best no-hassle, free replacement guarantee

Now for your chance to win one of these awesome stability balls.

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