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Ok, I have a confession to make.  I never tried Jamberry Nail Wraps before because I didn't really think they would be worth it.  So when Michelle gave me the chance to review them I said sure!  After all they weren't going to work right?

 Now let me tell you why I was thinking the way I was.  I had purchased some nail wraps in the store and tried them. Of course it was wasted money because after just 1-2 days they were peeling and coming off.  Because of that I had said the heck with nail wraps and figured I would just stick to having them painted or have arcrylic nails applied.

This is what my nails looked like before I applied the wraps.  As you can see they are rather short so that is another reason I didn't think they were going to look right much less stay on for any length of time.

What Michelle sent me was one sheet of wraps, 2 nail cleaning packs, small emory board and a cuticle stick.  So I got everything out and prepped my nails with a cleaning pack and the cuticle stick.  After that I went to the bathroom and used my hair dryer to heat up the wraps slightly after I had the sizes matched to my nails.  Once I heated one up I applied it then trimed it.  I repeated the process for each nail.  Once I finished that I used the emory board to smooth the wrap off by using a downward motion.

This was my results and I have to say I am very pleased with them.  They looked great!!

I applied the wraps this past Friday and just knew that they would be peeling and coming off by Saturday or Sunday.  Well, I was wrong!!! Even after going to a water park, cleaning the house, working outside and having my hands in bleach and other cleaning products they stayed on!

It has now been 5 days and they still look awesome.  There are a couple that are starting to peel up but that is to be expected in my opinion.

   Now Jamberry Nail Wraps has changed my mind on the quality of these are and if they are worth it or not.  Also, I'm sorry that I hadn't tried them before now.  If you would like to try them connect with Michelle via her social links below.

Jamberry Nail Wraps

 Michelle is graciously offer one of my readers a chance to win a sheet of these wraps of their choice of design for themselves.  Just enter below.

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