Detangling Brush

There are a lot of us that have issues with hair tangles.  It seems like whenever I would brush my hair I tend to pull out half of it.  Well, ok, maybe not half but it is a lot.  But with SH&SH Detangling Brush I don't have that issue.  Yes, some still gets pulled out but not near as much as with my regular brush.

This is a small brush that is perfect for your purse or even to have in the glove box in your car.


 There is a mirror on the back side of the brush also which can come in handy.

Whether you have thick or thin hair you'll love this brush.  It is not only easy on your hair but it is also nice and colorful.

Product Description

Color: Black
6 reasons to choose this brush:

• It works with ALL types of hair - thick, thin, curly, straight, extensions and wigs
• It prevents hair loss and doesn't hurt you at all
• It works for all ages
• The brush has a magic mirror on its back
• High-performance and innovatively designed
• Designed to combat knots and tangles

At SH&SH store we sell only premium products and we never compromise on quality! You can be sure 100% that this brush complies with all tests and has high standard. If for any reason you won't be satisfied with this amazing product, you will get your money back - GUARANTEED!!

You can use this brush with any type of hair Long or short, curly or straight, Because it works with ALL types of hair - thick, thin, curly, straight, extensions and wigs, this brush will make your hair shiny, silky and soft in all weather. Cold winter or hot summer it will make you hair soft and beautiful. Stop ripping out your hair with just another "Hair brush", this amazing brush is pain-free, A clever construction designed to combat knots and tangles.

This Brush sizes are not like other regular brushes, it has the perfect size for every use. It is big enough for everyday use, it is small enough to put in your purse and use at work, at the office and before an important meeting. It is big enough to handle with thick hair, and small enough for children, it's everything you need

We found 5 more reasons To Choose This Brush:

• It the newest invention for hair care
• All your needs will be filled with one product
• Strong structure - Long life
• Children love this brush!  
THIS HAIR BRUSH IS WHAT YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! The revolutionary new design of the brush tongs means an effortless and painless detangle of both dry and wet hair
YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE THIS HAIR BRUSH, and you'll have no more tears when detangling your kid's hair. It's perfect for all ages, and the fun, colorful brush tongs will delight your children.
LOOK YOUR BEST WHILE ON THE GO. The hairbrush is compact enough to fit inside a woman's purse. Though it's small, the brush and bristles are big enough to handle full, thick hair and will last a long time.
OUR DETANGLE HAIR BRUSH WON'T TUG OUT YOUR HAIR and can prevent hair loss, while also being anti-static. The whole family will appreciate it!
THIS BRUSH IS BACKED BY A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Order today and add a great new tool to your hair care kit!

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