Chocolate a Day

 I love chocolate so when I heard about Chocolate a day I was excited.  After all how many times have you said I took my vitamins today and it was in the form of chocolate?!?!  Well with Chocolate A Day you can honestly say that.

It doesn't have a vitamin taste to it either.  It taste just like choclate.  Now I will fore warn you that this does have the taste of dark chocolate so it does have a slight bitter sweet taste to it.


 Nobody enjoys taking vitamin pills, period. Even though mounting research suggests huge health benefits with prolonged multivitamin use, still many of us just hate swallowing pills, or we forget to take them. And for our kids, we just don’t like all the sugar-loaded gummy vitamin options. You can’t blame us, right? It’s hard to take a multivitamin regularly because the benefits aren’t immediately seen and there is zero enjoyment.
Chocolate A Day is the perfect marriage of a want and a need—the need to take a daily multivitamin and the want to eat delicious, healthy chocolate. It’s an enjoyable, guilt-free and easy way to remember to fill in those nutritional gaps in your diet each day.


Before you write it off as too good to be true, you need to try it for yourself. This isn’t some nasty chew, or a cheap waxy chocolate. This is fine Belgian chocolate which is nothing short of amazing. This is a whole new category of nutrition. We call it, “decadent nutrition”.


Chocolate A Day contains 14 meaningful vitamins and minerals in each yummy square; including 100% daily value of 10 of them. It’s gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, non-GMO, and contains no fillers, waxes, substitute oils, or preservatives. It also contains 55% cacao so you get the great flavonoids and antioxidants. And with less than 1 net carb per square, it fits perfectly into any diet plan. This is truly a guilt-free and delicious way to take your daily multivitamin.  Can you say, “New best friend”?


The choice of chocolate as the delivery method isn’t because it’s one of the most craved foods in the world—it’s because eating your multivitamin like a food (starting with sight, smell, feel and taste) helps the body digest the nutrients like a food. Also, the presence of cocoa butter aids the digestion of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E & K. And you thought chocolate couldn’t get any better. 


Chocolate A Day is a dream come true for chocolate lovers who are conscious about being healthy. This product is especially great for 1) Gluten Free Eaters, 2) Paleo Eaters, 3) Weightloss Diets, 4) Dairy Free Eaters 5) Vegans & Vegetarians, 6) Diabetics, 7) Creative Health Foodies and 8) Kids. 


We sell over 20 different products at ColorEarth.com, including dietary supplements, natural dental care products and organic essential oils. For every product we sell, including Chocolate A Day, we plant a tree in the developing world—growing food, restoring soil and building a sustainable future for families in rural communities all over the globe. 


Well, we’re sure you know why. You have things to say that people want to hear. While Chocolate A Day is a great product and a unique idea, it’s in a new category of its own. It’s unfamiliar to people and some don’t know what to expect. We need influencers like you, with trusting followers, to try this product and vouch for its praiseworthiness—if you feel it warrants the praise, of course. And if you love it, well, feel free to rave about it! 


Sugar Free? How is it Sweetened? We sweeten Chocolate A Day with Maltitol. Maltitol is a natural sweetener found in chicory leaves. It has similar properties to sugar but less calories. Our Maltitol is made from grains but itself is gluten free. Similar to sweeteners like xylitol, mannitol etc, maltitol may cause a slight laxative effect so it’s not recommended to consume more than 50 gm per day—equivalent to about 12 servings of Chocolate A Day.
Is it Safe for Kids? Yes. Kids love it and its a great alternative to sugar-filled gummy vitamins. Chocolate A Day is generally safe for kids. It contains no iron so there is no chance for iron overdose. The sweetener used, Maltitol, has been known to have a mild laxative effect on kids and adults because it metabolizes slower than normal sugar. Try giving your kids smaller amounts to start off to see if they are sensitive to the sweetener.
Is it Safe for Diabetics? Yes. The Maltitol sweetener used has fewer calories and less of an impact on blood sugar levels than regular sugar. Still, it’s best to work with your doctor to plan your meals and snacks to decide what types of foods and what amounts of ingredients are best for you.
Can I Cook With it? Yes. Chocolate A Day can be broken into pieces and substituted for chocolate chips in any recipe. You can really add nutritional power to any healthy treat—or unhealthy treat for that matter.
Why Take a Multivitamin? I Hear Vitamin Supplements Are Bad For You? The media and the medical industry have been trying hard to extinguish the positive benefits of supplements. They cite studies that show they aren’t effective or are dangerous. While high doses of any supplement has the potential to cause harm, The Harvard School of Public Health says that many of these negative studies are flawed. They say, “In reality, there is little solid evidence to support the idea that multivitamins or modest doses of individual nutrients increase the risk for major diseases or early death. And many studies show just the opposite—that multivitamin supplements may protect us from major illnesses such as heart disease, colon cancer, and breast cancer”. (www.hsph.harvard.edu)
I Can’t Sleep, Why? Some people who enjoy Chocolate A Day say that they can’t eat it after 4pm or they will have trouble sleeping. This is likely caused by the energy boost provided by the 100% daily value of 5 B-Vitamins in each square of Chocolate A Day.
Is it Safe? / Does Chocolate A Day Have Certifications? Chocolate a Day is very safe and has many certification. PRODUCTION: We manufacture the product using a GMP certified facility. POTENCY: Each batch includes of Certificate of Analysis to ensure the potency of vitamins and minerals in the supplement facts, and to make sure there are no toxic materials or heavy metals. GLUTEN FREE: Testing is done at 5ppm and tests are done regularly. NON-GMO: The manufacturer provides sourcing guarantees that all ingredients used are non-gmo.
Why Are My Bowel Movements More Loose? Some people are more sensitive to the slow metabolizing effects of Maltitol. Some people enjoy the fact that Chocolate A Day can also help them stay regular, but if you are experiencing significant stool loosening or discomfort, stop consuming the product and consult your doctor.

What is the Quality of the Vitamins and Minerals?
Extra effort and expense was invested to aquire the best known ingredients. For example, Chocolate A Day uses the best known forms of vitamin D and B12. We use the most effective and natural form of vitamin D (D-3 or cholecalciferol). Also, of the three most common forms of vitamin B12, Chocolate A Day contains the very best known form—Methylcobalamin—which is rarely used in the United States.

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