Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set by Matcha DNA

I have drink Matcha Tea so when I was able to review the Matcha Tea Ceremony Gift Set by Matcha DNA I knew it would make drink Matcha Tea that much better.

 I was really impressed with box the set came in.  It gives it a nice presentation.

 The set itself is nice and comes with everything including a small pack of matcha tea.

Although I was rather disappointed when I received my set.  What disappointed me was the three main items were damaged so I have yet to be able to use it.  I did contact the company and they are working on getting me a replacement which I hope to receive soon as i am anxious to use it.  You can see in the pictures below the damage it received during shipping.

The bowl was chipped

The top to cover the bamboo whisk was broken into.  Makes storing it in it's plastic case obsolete.

The wisk holder was also chipped.

The only think that wasn't damage was the packet of tea and the bamboo spoon.  Even with the damage I still love the set and know that I will use it often when I receive my replacement set in. 

Product Description

This Beautiful Matcha Tea Gift Set by MatchaDNA includes more than just the basics needed for whisking together the perfect cup of organic Matcha tea.

The MatchaDNA Matcha tea set includes:
• a Beautiful Gift Box,
• a handmade Matcha Tea Bowl/Cup (Chawan),
• a handcrafted Bamboo Tea Whisk (Chasen),
• a ceramic Matcha Whisk Holder,
• a natural Bamboo Tea Spoon (Chashaku),
• a 1 oz bag of USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

So if you are new to Matcha or already a Matcha tea connoisseur, this Matcha tea gift set by MatchaDNA is the perfect gift to yourself or others and contains all the Matcha tea tools, as well as a 1 oz bag of USDA Organic Matcha green tea powder - everything you need to enjoy delicious and extremely nutritious Matcha tea at home (or the office).

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COMPLETE MATCHA TEA GIFT SET BOX: This beautiful Matcha gift set contains everything you need for to make a traditional cup of Matcha green tea.
100% USDA ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA. Includes 1 oz of USDA Organic Matcha Green tea Powder
HANDMADE MATCHA TEA BOWL & CERAMIC MATCHA WHISK HOLDER. The handmade matcha tea bowl is just the right size for traditional Matcha tea preparation
HANDMADE BAMBOO WHISK & BAMBOO SPOON - The bamboo Matcha tea whisk is handmade with sustanablly grown bamboo. The whisk holder holds the whisk during tea preparation and drying and helps keep its shape
PERFECT GIFT ITEM. This Matcha Tea Gift Set is the perfect gift for family, friends & loved ones.

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