HANDMADE SOAP-ORGANIC-ALL NATURAL - Pure Aromatherapy Grade by Keomi Skincare

Ok, I think I might have been about the only one that hadn't tried organic soap.  Thanks to Keomi Skincare I have not only experienced organic soap but I have experienced their Handmade Soap-Organic-All Natural - Pure Aromatherapy Grade.

I love the little bag that they place them in before shipping.  That's a special touch in my opinion.

I received 4 travel size soaps.  Scents where: Green Tea Goddess, Sea Breeze, Luscious Lavender and Golden Crown.  Now I have been asked which one is my favorite and I have yet to choose just one.  I like all them because each scent offers a unique aroma.

The lavender was the first one that I opened.  I noticed immediately after opening the way it is beautifully marbled and the nice scent.

I have used the soaps both as a hand soap and bath soap.  Regardless of how I would use it I didn't seem to have a residue like I had with other soaps.  Also I noticed my skin felt nice and soft afterwards also.

Product Description

Organic Handmade Luxury Gift Set for Men & Women This is, quite possibly, the finest soap you have ever experienced. As part of the Keomi Skincare Signature Collection these truly superior handmade soaps are the epitome of Luxury! Each Soap is uniquely fragrant and smells amazing!
Our fine soaps are carefully crafted in small batches using the cold-process method to retain the benefits of the living oils. The soap's base is a rich blend of over 10 USDA certified organic vegetable, fruit and seed oils, plus shea and cocoa butters. The complexity of each of the Pure Aromatherapy-grade Essential Oils adds something wonderful and unique to each bar. The result is a superior soap that's healthier for your skin and better for our planet!
Each Keomi Skincare soap is made by hand using only the highest quality ingredients. Each soap is uniquely infused with a variety of Organic Herbs, Dead Sea Clay & Salt, Seaweed and French Green Clay. Our fine soaps are super-fatted and derive their beautiful rich sudsy lather naturally, leaving your skin clean and moisturized, supple and soft and never dried out. The All Natural, Organic ingredients ensure that our soap is gentle enough for people with skin sensitivities.
No Animal Testing
No Colorants
No Preservatives
Sulphate Free
Nut Free
Made in USA
4 Travel Size Bars
Scents included: Golden Crown, Sea Breeze, Green Tea Goddess

Luxury Organic Handmade soap, travel size bars Scented with Pure Aromatherapy-Grade Essential Oils; Each Bar Comes Individually Wrapped (Not Bunched Together) Which Maintains Each Bar's Unique Scent and Prevents 'Scent Mixing'
Gentle and Non-irritating Even for Very Sensitive Skin Types
A Rich Blend of Over Ten Vegetable, Fruit & Seed Oils, plus Shea & Cocoa Butters
Eco-Friendly, No Animal Testing, No Pesticides, No Preservatives, No Petroleum Byproducts

Important Information

Store open soap in a dry place, out of the stream of water, and on a draining soap dish. Don't let soap sit in a dish or container that is bowl shaped, or that allows water to pool in the bottom. Avoid those indentations built in some showers as "soap dishes" as they rarely drain properly. When using soap for body cleansing, longevity improves if you avoid rubbing the bar directly on the body. Instead, use hands, washcloth or other bathing instrument to apply.

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