Cap Mundo Nespresso Coffee

  If you are a coffee lover and have an Nespresso machine then you will love Two Rivers Coffee Cap Mundo Nespresso.

 Even though I don't have a Nespresso machine a fried onf mine does and I thought what better way to spend a morning than trying this coffee while enjoying great conversation with a great friend.

 Both of us were excited to try this coffee and we weren't disapointed in the taste.  It has a nice smooth but strong taste.

Product Description


Dabema Decaf Espresso

Grown in a naturally shaded location on the volcanic soils of Central America, this original recipe will appeal with its subtlety, elegance and enchanting notes of honey, crystallized fruits and chocolate.
The Single Serve Experience of Artisan Roasted Coffee
Our exclusive blends have been carefully crafted by coffee experts, to optimize the extraction potential of our compatible Nespresso capsule. To reveal all delicate aromas and subtle flavors in your cup, each coffee origin, has been roasted separately, using slow and long artisan roasting techniques. We select the premium grade green coffees that can withstand long roasting without becoming over-roasted.
The result is a perfect mix of subtle flavors and a fantastic crema in the cup.
We take our time to achieve the best coffee quality. Take your time and enjoy it too.

Nespresso compatible capsules

Nespresso alternative
Capmundo is not affiliated with Nespresso in any way. Nespresso is a licensed trademark of Nestle Foods Inc.
Created to satisfy the most demanding espresso lovers, you will be surprised with the sensory complexity and the rich flavors of our original blends. .

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