Cake Decorating Kit

I received the introductory cake decorating kit from MyCakeDecorating.com for reveiw.  This is an awesome kit with great tips and tricks.

I love the decoration tube!  It is really easy to load and use.  The tips that are included are really nice also which gives you many options for decorating.

These attachments give you more great ways to decorate.

There is also a two tiered cupcake display that is super easy to assemble and disassemble to store when you are finished with it.  Even though it is cardboard it is nice and sturdy.

The booklets that came with the kit is packed full of information and recipes.

I really love baking and makeing tasty and pretty treats.  I have always loved decorating cakes/cupcakes (ok, so I attempt to do that bu still enjoyed trying).  Even though I wasn't real good at I still enjoyed it.

Mycakedecorating.com has helped me with my decorating!  Yes, I have to say that it took a couple of cakes to get them to look nice.  Just take a look at the ones that I prepared below.  The chocolate cake was made from scratch with the recipe that was in the booklet.

I thought they turned out really nice (really yummy too!).

Go check out mycakedecorating.com and start getting your kits to help make beautiful and great tasting treats.   They have a monthly kit so you can receive one each month.  This would make a great tool to have to help create beautiful treats for Valentines Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday.  Why wait for a holiday, you can create great looking desserts anytime of the year!

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