Yalmeh Foundation Makeup Brush

Like a lot of women I wear makeup. I don't norma
Like a lot of women I wear makeup. I don't normally use a brush to apply my base makeup. That is until I had the chance to try Yalmeh Foundation Makeup Brush.

This brush made applying my foundation so easy and it looked so much better than applying it with my hands as I normally would.

The brush is a nice size.

If you are either looking for a new brush or wanting to try one I highly suggest this one!

This is the end result.  I think it looks great!!

Product Description

If there is ONE product that everyone should have in their makeup kit it is a high quality foundation brush. Why? It is flexible and useful for any number of cosmetic products.
Luckily, Yalmeh has the perfect solution. Our Y19 Premium Quality Foundation brush can help spotlight your natural beauty and leave a virtually flawless finish. The results from this brush compare favorably to those that cost many times the price.
Yalmeh may be best known for our moisturizing and anti aging products, but our main focus is on beauty and helping you realize your own inner beauty. This is what inspired us to create this brush and share it with all our customers. We feel it is one of the best products on the market today, and at the current price point it is untouchable! Try it out yourself and find out why our customers continuously rave about its coverage and effectiveness for every job!
Why Choose Yalmeh Y19 Professional Tapered Brush? -Created from top-grade synthetic fiber materials -Long lasting product -Prevents shedding -Hypoallergenic -Cruelty Free -Vegan Friendly Easy to Clean, No Smell
Don't let another day pass with you fighting your current brush situation to find something that gets the job done. Yalmeh has made an affordable option that will leave every one of our customers feeling like they have the best-because they do!
Important...Read This:
We Apologize If We're Sold Out. Because Of The Extremely High Demand For Our Yalmeh Foundation Brush, We Tend To Run Out Of Inventory Fast.

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