The Perfect Camp/Lounge Chair

We love sitting outside no matter the time of year. It can be warm, cool or cold out. So it goes without saying we always have some kind of lawn chairs. Well, I was able to try out a nice one that not only is a chair but is also a lounger!! The RORAIMA Light Weight Backpacking Reclining/Lounging Camping Folding Chair is so versatile that it will make it nice while sitting around the camp fires at night this winter or getting some sun at the beach or in the back yard this summer.

Like other chairs this one comes with it's own carry and storage bag.  That way it makes it easy to get it from one place to another and store very neat and compact.

It has a removable pillow so you can have it on when you need that little extra support or take it off when you don't need or want it on.  It attaches easily with Velcro. This is of it sitting upright.

This is where the pillow attaches to the back.

There is also a side pocket so you can place items in it like your phone, snacks or anything you want close by within hands reach.

Here it is in the reclining positing.  It is easy to place it in this position.  All you have to do is make sure the arms are all the down and push on both sides of the back.  You are also able to adjust it to other positions in between the upright and complete reclining.

This lounge chair is also very comfortable to sit in.  I could totally see myself falling asleep in it.

Product description

             Portable and Easy set-up reclining camping chair, great companion for outdoor camping, football games, music concert, Beach party, BBQ, RV,etc. not just for outdoor use, but also ideal for patio and open parties. Only weight 11 lbs, ultra light weight , that you can take it any way you like.
Durable oxford fabric with strong mesh support, well ventilated for hot summer camping, and fast dry after water sports.
Build with left and right cup holders, Extra headrest, and Bonus mesh pocket, ideal for your belongings, like Wallet, phone, kindle, sun glass, magazines.
Product Size L 59" X W 22" X H 29.92", Weight limit for 200 lbs (90 kg), You can change the standard chair model into Reclining model within seconds. Pls follow the instructions carefully for the first use.                          
Step 1 Unpack the storage bag, and open the camping chair on the solid ground
Step 2 Press down the armrest bar, extend the backrest and seat portion to stable position
Step 3 Pull up the bottom of armrest to the middle position, keep the backrest upright
How to Recline:
1. Press the bottom of armrest down to the bottom
2. Move the backrest backward, keep the bottom of backrest steel up in the right position
3. Make sure the reclining mode is stable
Step 1 Pull up the Bottom of armrest in the middle position, Keep the backrest upright. Recover from the Reclining mode firstly
Step 2 Close the opposite armrest bar and backrest upside.
Step 3 Press down the backrest steel, fold up the footrest if you have, using the elastic straps to secure it.
Step 4 After completely folded it up, put it in the storage bag

Specification: - Fabric: 600D Heavy duty Oxford fabric & strong Mesh
- Unfolded size: L59" X W22" X H29.92"
- Package size: 35.8" X 7.1" X 7.1"
- Total weight: Approximately 11 LBS
- If you are over 6’ or 200 lbs, our products may not your best choice, pls think twice before you place the order
Package Included:
-1 x Folding Chair
-1 x Carrying bag

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