Pacifier & Baby Bottle Nipple UV Sanitizer

When my kids were growing up I didn't have convient items like this.  Now there are simplier ways to sterilize them.  That is with the Pacifier & Baby Bottle Nipple UV Sanitizer.  It is so easy to use also.  We had to steralize nipples and pacifiers the old fashioned way with boiling water.

This is really easy to use and makes a nice gift for a mom or mom to be. Just place the pacifier in and let the UV light do it's job. To use it on a nipple you can do it right on the bottle. Just place it on the bottle over the nipple and let the light, once again, do it's job.

Just think how much cleaner the babies bottle nipples, nukkies and sippy cup spouts will be with this awesome product.

About the Product

Pacifier NOT Included. , USA FDA Registered #3010046232, Listed Medical Device #D223496
Binky Fresh is the only UV Pacifier & Bottle nipple sanitizer that is clinically proven safe & effective in killing the most aggressive bacteria that lives & grows on your baby's pacifiers, bottle nipples, teething toys, & sippy cups too!
Binky Fresh UV is proven to kill much more than just the common cold bacteria! it kills the most aggressive bacteria that is specific to deadly diseases!
UV light is lifetime, never needs to replace!
Binky Fresh is quick to sanitize, and easy to use! it is effective and most importantly safe for our babies.

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