The Ultimate Pet Seat Cover / Dog Hammock

Normally when we go on trips or are in the car for any length of time we bring blankets with us when our furbabies are with us.  The reason we do that is so they will be a little more comfortable and it helps to protect the seat.

Because of the opportunity of working with Dog Gone Dog We won't have to use blankets to protect the seats.  I was able to receive their Ultimate Pet Seat Cover/Dog Hammock to review.


It was as easy as 1, 2, 3 to installAs you can see it fits perfectly in the back seat of our Ford Focus.  To install you lay it out where the rubber side is on the seat itself then attach the anchors around the headrest, both front and back.


Now if a sudden stop is made Kai and Sissy won't be thrown into the floor board.  I think this adds a bit of safety for them in that aspect.  Now it won't stop them from jumping to the front seat as Kai proved by jumping over the seat cover to the front of the car.

Even though it took Kai and sissy a little bit to get in the back seat they seemed to like it once they did.  They were just so excited to be getting in the car.  They really love going bye-bye.

Check out the video we did.  Sissy was interested in other things at the time so she didn't make an appearance.

This would make a great gift for any pet owner that takes their pets with them in the car.  The ultimate pet seat cover/dog hammock is very well made and it will last a very long time. 

Product Description

If you brake hard, your dog can fall on the floor and could get hurt or even break a leg. Our seat covers have a hammock option that will keep him from falling and getting hurt.
Scratches ruin your your car's seats. Their hair gets all over everything. Our two-piece system is designed to trap the dirt, hair and even urine and saliva and keep it from getting on your seats.
You get 2 pieces, a fully functioning car seat cover and a fleece mat. Each piece has a special purpose. The seat cover protects the seats, the fleece part captures the hair, urine and dirt so it doesn't spread all over your car.
The car seat portion is water proof and keeps your seats dry and clean. If your pet soils himself, it wont leak down to your seats. The Seat Cover is a separate stand-alone seat cover piece that can be used alone, with or without the fleece mat.
Our seat cover has all the features you expect to find in a top-of-the-line seat covers available including full side-to-side non-slip rubber backing, over-sized seat anchors, leather reinforced straps, seat belt access and side flaps. You can't find a better seat cover anywhere.
Waterproof seat covers can't be machine washed because they are waterproof. Machine washable seat covers don't protect your seat from spit and urine because they aren't waterproof. The only way to do both is to have a 2-piece system. One piece, the seat cover, protects your seats and dog. The fleece section catches the dirt, sand, pet hair and urine for easy cleaning in the washing machine.
Show your love. Protect your dog while protecting your car

The Ultimate Pet Seat Cover / Dog Hammock with Removable Washable Fleece Dog Bed

 You can buy many different seat covers to protect your car seats against scratches or pet hair but what do they do to protect your pet? If you are forced to make a sudden stop, your pet will fly forward at 60 miles per hour, crash into the backs of your seats and fall to the floor.
Our dog hammock style pet seat cover provides a safety barrier to protect your pet in the event of a sudden stop or accident.
There are several features that make our Dog Hammock Pet Seat Cover the premium choice for those who really love their pets.

Removable fleece dog bed mat

 Our research showed us that people wanted a seat cover that was easily cleaned.  The problem is washing and re-washing seat covers makes them lose their shape and wear faster. The heavy canvas and oxford cloth of better-made dog hammocks is not meant to be machine washed. Of course it can be done because it is a fabric, but the results are not good. It is also possible to damage the anti-slip rubber backing if the unit is placed in a clothes dryer. It is much better to line dry if it gets wet or is washed.
The Ultimate Dog Hammock Seat Cover consists of two pieces.  The dog hammock piece is made like other top-of-the-line dog hammocks and can be used alone to protect your seats. We have added a second piece which is a removable fleece dog bed/blanket like your pet probably sleeps on now. He or she will be more comfortable with a soft material he is already familiar with. In fact, you can use this fleece mat as or in his current dog bed everyday. This will absorb his scent and make him feel secure when traveling in the car.
The Ultimate Dog Hammock Seat Cover’s limited lifetime warranty applies to the Dog Hammock Portion. The Removable Fleece Dog Bed is replaceable and will last approximately 20-25 wash and dry cycles. You  can replace the fleece dog bed portion easily and economically if it ever gets too dirty or worn without replacing the entire Dog Hammock Pet Seat Cover. The rest of the car seat protection system is easily wiped off when dirty and can be hung on a wire and hosed off in extremely dirty circumstances.

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