100% Pure Copper Mug (HAMMERED) w/ Recipes

I have reviewed other copper mugs/cups and loved them.  This one is just as awesome as the other ones I have reviewed.  You recive recipe cards with this 100% Pure Copper Mug (HAMMERED) so you will be able to start using it for special drinks.

Just look at how great it looks.  It is also sturdy to last a long time.

You get great recipe cards along with other information like care of your cup.  Don't let the care card scare you off.  It is very easy to take care of.  Just wash before use and wash after each use.  I, personally, wouldn't put it in the dishwasher but wash it by hand. 

 This cup helps to keep your drink cold because of it being copper.

Product Description

No nickel, tin, or steel! Our mugs are PURE copper, as your Moscow Mule deserves! NO plating, NO lining, and NO alloying. Just solid, PURE copper. WHY? Copper has amazing properties which keep your drink COLD, enhance flavor, and provide health benefits. If it's not genuine copper, what can you expect? Go for the real deal - get the true experience. PureCopper or bust!
BONUS RECIPE CARDS - for the mule fanatics!
These recipe cards include everything from the original classic Moscow Mule, to exotic and refreshing experiments! We're obsessed with mules. These recipe cards are our own creations - our favorites! The pictures will lure you down our step-by-step recipes to Mule greatness. Includes the MULE-JITO (see what we did there?), the MEXICAN MULE, and more well-guarded secrets! We're always adding more new recipes, join the conversation!

You'll see that 16oz is the perfect size when you get it in your hand! Our design has a welded handle, which means no ugly rivets (LEAKY!). Copper does age, but we use a FOOD-SAFE lacquer to help keep your mule mugs beautiful! An additional CARE card is included in the box.
If you haven't felt the way a real copper mug frosts up, you're seriously missing out! There's nothing more refreshing on a hot day! Or any day, let's face it...
We stand by our products and are always here to help. Shoot us a question any time!
PURE, SOLID COPPER - No nickel, tin, or steel! Our copper mugs are only PURE copper, as your mule deserves! Go for the real deal - get the full experience.
GET HAMMERED - Each mug is carefully hammered to stunning perfection by hand. Thick walls and a classic 16oz size make this the perfect Moscow Mule mug!
ICEY ICE COLD - An authentic copper mug frosts up in seconds! These mugs get COLD - REALLY cold. Super refreshing with a Moscow Mule!
GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! - 100% LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Feel free to send us a question any time!
BONUS RECIPE CARDS INCLUDED - We're obsessed with inventing fresh new Mule-concoctions. Each mug includes a set of step-by-step recipe cards detailing our favorite Mule creations!

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