KastKing Fishing Grip and Pliers

We are a family that enjoys fishing.  So when I was able to do a review on KastKing Fishing Grip and Multi-function Pliers I was ecstatic!

Unfortunately we weren't able to get out and do any fishing like we had planned this weekend due to the weather.  It has been crazy around here to say the least.  But that didn't stop us from checking out the fishing products we received.

 These are KastKings Multifunction Pliers that are great for getting your line ready, taking hooks out and more.  They are sturdy so they won't break after the first use like others we have tried.  They fold up nicely so they won't take up a lot of room in your tackle box.  They will also fit in your pocket if need be without a chance of hurting yourself.

Product Description

These pliers are an absolute must have for any serous angler. From removing hooks, cutting line, and changing split rings, these KastKing pliers will get the job done. 

Stainless steel blades make clean easy cuts on all types of fishing line including mono, fluorocarbon, copolymer and braid line
Safe and easy foldable design fishing line scissors
Fits easily and safely in any tackle box, tray, boat compartment, or clothes pocket

 This is an awesome item to have when fishing.  There are some that don't realize that there is a size limit and weight limit on some fish.  This will help you make sure that you are in range that way you won't get fined.

This Fishing Grip is both a tape measure and scale.  This way you can weigh your fish and measure it at the same time.  If your catch doesn't meet the size requirement then you will know right away.  Just throw it back and catch your next big fish!

This fishing grip easily grabs onto the fish by placing it in it's mouth.  The weight of the fish will pull down the bar which will show you how much it weighs!  You won't be sorry you got one of these wonderful fishing grips.

Product Description

For the operation of the KastKing digital fishing lip grips and scale is simple. Just push the "ON/OFF" button and your default setting of LBs , 斤, or KGs will appear in the illuminated screen. To set your default setting, just hit the on button and quickly push the button a second or third time. In 3 seconds that unit of measurement will be set as your default.
To Open the grip just pull the trigger and grab the fish by the lip. The weight of the fish will actually tighten the grip, keeping a firm hold on the fish. The illuminated screen will lock in the fish's weight with a red LED stability indicator light, and the fish can easily be released by pulling the trigger a second time. The fish grip will shut off automatically or you can manually press the "ON/OFF" button to shut it off.
Take control over your catch with this KaskKing® Fish Gripper. With the perfect combination of function, power, and performance, KastKing Grippers are a valuable fish grabber tool for all fresh and saltwater anglers. Great fishing gear to add to your fishing accessories for toothy fish. Models include fish grippers with digital scale and floating fish grip, build-in tape measure.   
 The Fishing Grip and Pliers together will make a fisherman happy and their tackle box more complete than before!

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