Extra Large Picnic Blanket Measures 60 x 80

If you've gone out for the 4th of July or any kind of outing where you may be sitting on the ground you have always taken a blanket from the house.  I know I have always had a hard time cleaning those blankets myself and wouldn't put it back on the bed.  Well thanks to Pratico Outdoors and their Extra Large Picnic Blanket there isn't that problem anymore!

 It isn't real big when folded up.

I love the built in strap to carry it with.  Makes getting it to your destination so much easier.

 Where as with household blankets you have to worry if the ground is damp.  With this picnic blanket you don't have that concern.  It has a waterproof backing.

A nice large size for several people to sit on while eating!

This is going to be a great blanket for most outdoor activities!  I know we will get tons of use out of it this summer (that is if it stops flooding around here). 

Product Description

Do You Like the Outdoors?
Do you like going to the beach, attending outdoor concerts, camping, hiking,
sporting events or enjoying other outdoor activities?
There's nothing better than hanging out with family or friends and enjoying
time outdoors...
But planning for outdoor events is a lot of work!
If you are organizing the event you need to figure out who to invite, what food
and drink to bring, how many utensils to bring, etc...
The last thing you want to worry about is what everyone is going to sit on!
"I'll bring my own blanket or towel"
You can bring your own blankets, towels or sheets to sit on, but they weren't
made for the outdoors and they aren't waterproof.
The fastest way to ruin an outdoor event is sitting on something wet. Your
friends and family won't like you very much if they have to do this.
Have a dry stress-free time with Pratico's Picnic Blanket
Having fun outdoors doesn't need to be uncomfortable, that's where Pratico's
Foldable Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Blanket can take the stress out of worrying
about what to sit on and make you the hero of any outdoor activity.
Pratico's Picnic Blanket:
Is extra large measuring 60" x 80"
Weighs only 1.3 pounds
Folds down to a portable size of 10" x 16"
Has a waterproof and cushioned backing
100% cotton fleece for extra comfort
Handwash only
Be the hero at your next outdoor event
Order Now and you and your family or guests will be the most dry and
comfortable at your next outdoor event. Supplies are limited so don't wait!
Easy-to-Fold, Easy-to-Carry, folds down to size of a purse - folded measures 10 inches
Extra large size unfolded measures 60 in x 80 in & lightweight 1.3 pounds (weight of a loaf of bread)
100% soft cotton fleece which won't irritate your skin and will provide hours of comfort
Waterproof cushioned backing prevents you from getting wet from damp lawns or surfaces and provides extra sitting comfort
Friends and family will thank you for being so thoughtful for brining such a great picnic blanket! 

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