Shower hose 78 inches

We have hard water with a high metal content in it.  No matter what we use it seems like we get that dingy looking rust color on things.  When I was able to review Zitiron's 78" Flexible Stainless Steel Shower Hose I was curious to see if it would work a bit better than the one we had which was just a plain plastic one.

 It looks really nice, but then again I like the stainless steel look too :-)

 Comes with just about everything you need to install it. The only thing you need to supply is the manpower (or woman power) and the teflon tape.

attach the one end to your sprayer and the other end to the shower.

I think it looks great!  We have been using it for about a month now and it still looks great!

The length makes it so nice when bathing our dogs.  

Product Description

Stainless steel, Plastic and Nickel Materials that wont Leak
The Best Shower Hose on the market
This Shower Hose doesn't leak. Features
- Premium Shower hose at best price on Amazon.com
- Made With Highest Quality Materials Available.
- With rubber bottoms that wont leak.
- Beautiful Design in Stainless Steel, Plastic and Nickel. Benefits
- 78 Inches Shower Hose at the best price
- Wont Leak
- Very Easy To Install Best Price On Amazon
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High Quality Stainless Steel, Plastic and Nickel Materials
Measures: 78 Inches= 2.0 Meters
Standard size fit most shower fixture in the USA with its 1/2" Ends
It doesn't leak
1 Year Free Replacement Warranty
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