Pembrook Non Skid Socks

Anyone who knows me knows I love fuzzy socks.  Having wood floors if they are non-skid that is even better.  Pembrook has some awesome Non Skid Socks that I'm sure you'll love as much as I do.

They are so very soft and the non skid bottom is awesome on our hard wood floors.

The bottom of these socks are full coverage with the non skid bottom.

They feel awesome on and fit great too!  They are nice and cozy to wear and will keep your feet warm.

Product Description

Looking for the Best Non-Skid Socks? Then Look No Further!
The Pembrook Non Slip Hospital Socks offer the best quality and value on the market. Choose from 2-Pack, 4-Pack or 6-Pack and save. The skid and slip resistant hospital socks feature rubber treads or grips on the bottom to ensure safety and security. The super soft Chenille material (Cotton, polyester and Spandex Blend) are extra comfy and stretchy. These socks are unisex and because stretchy material, fit a wide range of sized feet. These socks are terrific for everyday use, patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes. These slipper socks were designed for the healthcare industry but are perfect for everyday use. Hospitals utilize these socks because of the grips on the bottom and everyone wears them for their comfort and security. What Makes the Pembrook non skid socks Different?
✓ SUPER SOFT: Chenille Material (Cotton, Polyester and Spandex Blend)
✓ SKID RESISTANT: Gripping rubber treads
✓ VALUE: Sold in 2-Pack, 4-Pack and 6-Pack. Compare prices before you purchase to know that the Pembrook non-skid socks are the best value purchase on the market.
✓ QUALITY: Designed for hospital use but perfect for the home
✓ VERSATILE: Great for Adults - Fits men's shoe size up to 11 and women's shoe size 9
✓ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We're the ONLY non skid socks with a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. 

SUPER SOFT - Chenille Material (Cotton, Polyester and Spandex Blend)
SKID RESISTANT - Gripping rubber treads
GREAT VALUE - Chose the 2-Pack, 4-Pack or 6-Pack
QUALITY - Designed for hospital use but perfect for the home
VERSATILE - Great for Adults - Fits up to men's shoe size up to 11 and women's shoe size 9

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