Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler

I am one of those people that really hates to use a vegetable peeler.  I had to use them when I was younger and didn't do a very good job at it. I always felt like it made it harder and took longer when I used one.  So to say the least I have always used a knife to peel vegetables.  That is until I received the Stainless Steel Vegetable Peeler from Kitchen Eze.

 This is a vegetable peeler that I will always use.  It makes quick work of peeling vegetables and fruit.

 By using this peeler it means less waste of the vegetable/fruit.  The way it takes off the skin of the vegetable/fruit is amazing.  It's like a hot knife going through butter.  The only thing I suggest is being careful because you can cut yourself with it.

Product Description

Do you want to peel vegetables and fruits - in HALF the peeling time?
- This is definitely the best vegetable and fruit peeler you can buy with great value and superior quality by its unsurpassed durability and flawless performance because it is easy to hold, it is extremely sharp, and cuts off just the right amount of peel with very little effort.
- The Kitchen Eze Stainless Steel Peeler is very sturdy with top-rated swivelling twin blades and a built-in potato/blemish remover, which easily pares even the toughest skin and carves out blemishes without damage.
- If you HATE peeling potatoes and other veggies, this peeler will change that! It takes the hassle out of vegetable peeling because of its great design and ease of use.
- Great for left-handed use too! It simply takes all of the hassle out of vegetable and fruit peeling and helps get dinner or party prep done quickly because of its lightweight and easy grip.
-Cleaning is a snap because of its simple construction but hard-wearing stainless steel material that makes this essential tool one that you will be able to depend on for years!
-It has a comfy grip and it doesn't get clogged when peeling your carrots, potatoes, zucchini and other fruits and vegetables.
-Feel like a professional! Our vegetable peeler produces thin rinds and peel with little or no pulp and it cuts on the first run every single time.
Our Guarantee
One of the ONLY dual swivel stainless steel peelers backed by a Life-Time - No-Hassle - Free Replacement Guarantee!
BEST STAINLESS STEEL VEGETABLE PEELER on the market today! With the sharp twin swiveling blades it easily contours to all vegetable and fruit surfaces for easy peeling...every time! No need to press hard or gouge your vegetables any longer. Let the peeler do the work for you!
PERFECT for peeling potatoes, apples, cucumbers, squash, fruit and more.
COMFORTABLE- no slip handle that is easy on the hand and dishwasher safe. Great for people with sensitive hands, poor grip strength or arthritic joints. 

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