Bath and body brush

Thanks to Bath and body brush I am now able to wash my back and even get a slight massage without having to have my boyfriend do it for me.

 Even though it says that you can use it dry I like to use mine in the shower.  Gives me a sense of being pampered .

The bristle feel soft but surprisingly they are just right when using it on your back and body.  The nubs for massaging are nice also, I love how it feels going over my back and neck when I use it.

With the long handle it makes it easy where you don't have to struggle.  It is also easy to hold on to. 

Product Description

Ever thought of one great, natural and affordable thing that can make your skin feel much softer, smoother, free of unsightly dead skin patches, and also maintain your skin's natural healthy glow?
Well, our awesome exfoliation properties of a natural bristled brush is the only answer!
With unique nubby head design of the 17" Exfoliating Anti Cellulite Bath and Body Brush helps to target these fatty deposits to firm and smooth the skin tissue. As you rub the head against areas prone to cellulite, you'll effectively stimulate blood flow to the skin. Water retention is reduced, and the increase in blood helps to encourage the metabolism of those fatty stores.
In addition to being a powerful, yet gentle cellulite tool, this Bath and Body Brush helps you effectively cleanse and exfoliate. The natural bristle side of the head removes dead skin with every use while distributing your favorite body wash from head to toe. The extra long 17-inch design means there is no spot you can't cleanse, exfoliate and treat!
Brusybrush lymphatic brush is made from the absolute finest of materials to make it a true spa quality skin care tool. We're so confident that this bath and body brush will change the way you cleanse and exfoliate for the better and help you successfully address cellulite, that we offer a 30-day satisfaction money-back guarantee on every one sold!
Say goodbye to that unsightly cellulite while promoting healthier, smoother skin. Discover the incredible benefits of the 2-in-1 head design of our dry body brush and simplify your body skin care routine. Order yours today!
TESTED and PROVEN to minimize the appearance of cellulite on the buttocks and upper thigh area. A great cellulite fighter and weight loss enhancer! Massage head stimulates to address water retention and promote fat metabolism.
EXFOLIATING BRUSH Natural bristles lather cleansers to purify while lifting away cellular debris. Made of natural fibers, not harsh on the skin. Perfect for dry body brush or for bath shower.
LYMPHATIC BRUSH Dry skin brushing not only removes dead skin cells but also cleans the lymphatic system
REACH EVERY SPOT 17" wood handle lets you treat cellulite, cleanse and smooth every inch of skin.
BEST DRY BRUSHING BODY BRUSH ON AMAZON GUARANTEED Get a full refund if dissatisfied within 30 days! 

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