Car Seat Cushion - Ergonomic Three-Layer Technology

People who do a lot of driving tend to have back aches.  Well with the Car Seat Cushion - Ergonomic Three-Layer Technology your back aches will ease while driving.

It is made of memory foam so it will keep it's shape for a long time to come.  It also has straps which makes it easy to attach to your seat to avoid slipping.

Being made of quality items makes it to where this seat cushion will last and be comfortable.

The clip is sturdy so it won't be breaking easy.

This is ideal for those that either drive a lot or long distances.  Another gret thing about this is you don't have to remove it before you spouse uses the car.  It's a one size fits all basically.

Product Description

What makes this different from other car seat cushions and wedges? The Clever Yellow Driving Comfort Cushion for cars and trucks remains supportive, comfortable and cool. The adjustable strap ensures the cushion does not move and stays in your perfect position. It is designed for automobiles so the grey removable cover does not get hot when left in the sun. It is slim and effective at just 2 inches high, so you get a seat wedge, and not a booster seat.
The orthopedic wedge tilts your pelvis to improve your posture and reduce pressure on your lower spine during prolonged sitting. The ergonomic coccyx cutout reduces tailbone pain caused by long journeys.

How will Three-Layer Technology benefit me? Three-Layer Technology starts with our ventilated cover material to stay cool in your seat. Then there is a thin layer of top grade memory foam for comfort. Finally the base layer is our unique Clever Molded Foam that offers unrivalled support.
Other seat cushions use furniture grade foam that is a single block cut down to size or just memory foam, which is not designed for support or posture improvement. Our molding process gives our Clever Foam an outer skin that gives the cushion a structure to help keep its support over time - the same process used by Rolls Royce in their car seats.

Directions You can sit on the Clever Yellow Driving Comfort Cushion on any car or truck seat. Adjust the strap so it goes around the back of the seat.
We recommend that you take regular breaks from driving and to think about your posture when sitting. Your body relies on movement to maintain its back and spine health so try to activate your body on long journeys. If in doubt always consult a doctor.
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STAYS IN POSITION. Adjustable strap so the seat wedge does not move.
ANTI-FLATTEN FOAM. Latest seat cushion technology remains durable for years.
VENTILATED FOR COMFORT. Stay cool in your seat with 3-D Mesh Technology.
SLIM AND EFFECTIVE. Just 2.5" high, so you get a seat wedge - not a booster seat.
DETAILS. Removable grey and black cover that will not get hot in the sun.
GUARANTEE: A ONE YEAR 100% money back no hassle guarantee.

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